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[Fattening] Maintenance and fattening beef cattle in KIBIF conducted under tight supervision by a veterinarian to produce high-quality healthy cows. Cleaning the cage was the main concern in order to support the development of the cattle. Natural feed produced by a special formula is part of a strategy to produce the best beef.
[Slaughtering] Slaughtered beef is a healthy selected cattle that  is cut in accordance with Islamic Shari'a that produce halal, healthy and hygienic meat. Aging process on the chiller is controlled to produce the best meat quality.
[Deboning] KIBIF implement the Halal way of slaughtering according to the instructions MUI (Indonesian Ulama Council), Halal Certificate No: 01074000860606 and Hygienic (NKV: TPD - 3216023-002, ID - 321,308 to 003, ID - 3216023-005 from the Ministry of Agriculture, General Director of Livestock Production).
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KIBIF is a company that has a tradition of producing quality products with excellent service to the customers. The Basic Philosophy Development is to become the best in providing innovative products and integrated industrial distribution network which has strict controls on production processes, from beef cattle selection, cattle maintenance, fattening, slaughtering, processing, shipment up to the product ready for consumption by consumers

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Jababeka Industrial Estate II Bekasi 17550 - Indonesia
Tel 021-898 35618
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