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Good news for aspiring web developers out there!
Are you intending to set up a portal and need to include our maps and other applications within your site?

Do you have concepts for website applications, games or new features which might be suitable for has collaborated with Media Development Authority (MDA) to provide a platform for web developers. With the creation of a conducive environment at MDA, developers are now able to test and develop their applications on our variety of APIs.

Our list of APIs are as follows:
Point of Interest (POI) / Find Nearby Building Image API
Plotting API Food Review API
Routing API Search API
Note: Concepts that are deemed suited to might get purchased and applied to our site. Alternatively if your ideas are interesting enough, MDA might provide a fund to support your projects.
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Point of Interest (POI) / Find Nearby Bus Route API
MAP API Food Review API
Plotting API Search API
Routing API All APIs
Building Image API