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- HELUKABEL Singapore Pte Ltd was established in Singapore at the beginning of 2001. This is the first subsidiary of HELUKABEL GmbH (Stuttgart) to be set-up in the Far East, more...
Main : Wisma Mandiri (Menara BDN) No.835th Floor, Jalan Kebon Sirih Raya , 10340
Category : Aksesoris Kabel, Kabel, Kawat, Pabrik Kabel
- PT. Kabelindo Murni Tbk. Wire & Cable Manufacturer, a leading wire & cable industry in Indonesia traces its roots to the founding of PT. Kabel Indonesia (KABELINDO), a foreign-owned company as one of the first more...
Main : Kawasan Industri Pulogadung , Jalan Rawa Sumur 2, 13930
Category : Pabrik Kabel
- A leading player in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications, the Prysmian Group is a truly global company, with sales that exceeded 4.
Main : Kawasan Industri Delta Silicon 1 Blok L8 , Jalan Kruing 3, 17550
Category : Pabrik Kabel
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