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Weyly B. Muljadi, PT. Helizona's Founder, envisioned a new approach to the helicopter industry in Indonesia when the ban on import and operations of aircraft was lifted (re.

Kepmenhub No. KM-65 Tahun 2000), making it possible for aviation companies to import and operate aircraft (and thus helicopters) with merely the approval from the Directorate General of Air Communication (Dirjen.

Perhubud.). Weyly recognized the great opportunity this opened for Indonesian business to grow to new levels of efficiency and productivity, and set out to revolutionize the Indonesian Aviation Industry Sector.

Alamat (Head Office)
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Plaza Pasifik Jalan Raya Boulevard Barat 14240
Tel 450 5000
Plaza Pacific Office Centre Block A-4 No. 73-75,Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240
Tel (021) 45840483 | (021) 4505000 | (021) 4
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