Tentang Kami

BANI is independent intitution that give various services relation with arbitrase, mediation and estrajudicial. The intitution was established in 1977 by three well-known legal expert initiative and supervised by The Board and Advisory Council. BANI is located in Jakarta with representatives in several major cities in Indonesia, including Surabaya, Bandung, Pontianak, Denpasar, Palembang, Medan and Batam.

Produk & Servis

Purpose of National Arbitration Institution :

*Providing services for the implementation of the disputes settlement by arbitration or alternative forms of dispute settlement.

*Organize the disputes settlement or differences of opinion in many sector, industry and finance, by arbitration and other forms dispute settlement in other areas of Corporation include Insurance, Financial Institutions, Fabrication, Intellectual Property, Licensing, Franchise, Construction , Shipping or Maritime, Environment, etc within the scope of legislation and international culture.

*Work autonomously and independently in justice and law enforcement.

*Organize research also training for several program about arbitration and alternative dispute settlement.

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