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Established in 1971, PaninBank was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1982, the first Indonesian bank to Go Public. Since its inception the management strives to deliver value to all
stakeholders by striking a balance between prudence and progressive growth.

A strong capital base and prudent risk management has allowed us to navigate economic volatility and periods of uncertainty. PaninBank was one of the very few Indonesian banks not recapitalized by the Government after the Monetary Crisis of 1998.

To maintain our competitive position, we adopt a progressive approach to business. Staying close to a growing customer base and chosen market niches helps us understand their ever-changing needs so that timely solutions can be provided to serve them better. PaninBank’s motto “Always for you” emphasizes reliability and consistency. PaninBank’s strong capital structure and growth strategy continued to be reinforced as the Bank focuses toward expanding its commercial and consumer markets.

The business strategy is clearly showing positive results as the Bank gains momentum towards its goal of being a driving force in the Indonesian banking industry.

As of the end of September 2010, PaninBank’s assets amounting to Rp95.9 trillion, total deposits Rp69.3 trillion, credit outstanding Rp54.5 trillion and total networth Rp11.4 trillion, with market capitalization of Rp27.5 trillion PaninBank operates through its 450 branches and ranked as the seventh-largest national bank in term of total assets.

The current shareholders of the Bank are the founding shareholder, Panin Financial with 45%,
Votraint (ANZ Banking Group of Australia) at 39% and the public with 16%.


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Panin Bank Centre KAv. 1 Jalan Jendral Sudirman 10270
Tel 021 2150 0678
Perkantoran Buncit Mas Block BB 7-8 Jalan Raya Mampang Prapatan (Warung Buncit) 12760
Tel 612 3628
Ruko Kelapa Gading Kirana B - 10 Kav No. 31 Jalan Gading Kirana Timur 9 14240
Tel 612 3628
ITC Roxy Mas Block E.2 No. 1-2 Jalan Tanjung Selor 10150
Tel 612 3628
Harco Mangga Dua Block. I No. 5 A-B Jalan Mangga Dua Raya 14430
Tel 612 3628
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Panin ATM (Puri Tirta ) Blok L6 No. 88 M,N,O, Kompleks Puri Kencana, Jakarta Barat 11620
Panin ATM (Puri Tirta ) Blok L6 No. 88 M,N,O, Kompleks Puri Kencana, Jakarta Barat 11620
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Reg. Name: Panin Bank
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