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Jamu Spa

Spa nowadays, marries modern technology with traditional massages for pampering of the senses. Steamers and Jacuzzis replace wooden bath tubs whilst treatments use natural oils and herbs remaining true to nature. At Jamu Spa, one is assured of pampering treats available only in the most traditional methods.

Concealed behind yellow bamboo fences is the small but yet, blissful sanctuary for many Jamu Spa. The whole ambience is undoubtedly Javanese, from the soothing background music to paintings and clay decorations, and you can even find rattan and wooden chairs in place of modern salon chairs for treatments.

Jamu Spa has one private massage room and one large regular massage room where five beds are separated by curtains draping from the rails. The dominating colours apparent in the spa are hues of green and yellow to provide a cheery and yet, calming effect. Rooms are dimly-lit, providing a serene feel of tranquility for the patrons. A window view to the well-tended Javanese garden for the shoulder massage room is both therapeutic and relaxing.

Ingredients used for treatments are au naturale . The massage oils, lotions and even shampoos are specially made in Bali for the Jamu Spa and the other ingredients are strictly traditional. Materials such as Mangir, Kemiri are made fresh everyday and can be found in the markets. Do not expect to find a Jacuzzi here, because the bathing or rinsing process is done either with a shower or a ladle.

Massage techniques used properly follows the Javanese and Balinese traditions, using long strokes with occasional mild pinching movements. Traditional Javanese treatments such as lulur and body binding are available, along with slightly more modern takes, such as the Yoghurt Body Scrub and Vanilla Mocha Body Scrub. In the latter, the brisk body scrub is followed by applying a jelly-like material to absorb impurities. The Balinese Boreh Body Mask and Indian Sugar waxing add to the treatment's variety.

The Jamu spa is filled with a mild, soothing scent which is essentially Javanese. That alone with the aromatherapy oil is a treat, but you will also get bonus in the form of Indonesian Jamu , which is the Indonesian traditional herbal drink, known since ancient times to bring out the wellness in everyone. Thus, the Jamu Spa offers a one-stop for total well-being, inside and out.