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Tentang Kami

PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama in March, 2005 as a subsidiary which supports business activities of PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia especially in steel fabrication works and procurement of the control panel.

This subsidiary company will be developed as a component of industrial & manufacturing services for products other than Enviro.

The initial phase, PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama rented a warehouse operatives in the Tambun area will be renovated in stages to become Workshop / place of steel fabrication.

Unfinished renovations were completed, the owner of the building / warehouse changed his mind to sell the warehouse and finally Prakindo Group workshop at Tambun does not become a reality.

Found a piece of land (1000m2) property Bp. Salomo Purba in Pedurenan Bandar Gebang, which is considered suitable land used as a place of workshop.

Transaction went well, once invited Bp. Salomo Purba joined the PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama (Act 12 September 2005).

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