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At, we are happy to support you if you would like to use our maps and images. Many organisations and users have benefited from this policy. However, as we are unable to provide free maps for all purposes, we have compiled a list of guidelines for usages that meets our criteria.

We do thank you in advance for not copying our images.
We support certain non-commercial and/or personal uses of our maps. These are limited to the followings;
  1. Use by charities registered with the National Council of Social Services for charitable purposes only;
  2. Use by registered religious institutions (such as mosques, churches, temples in their ordinary day to day operations);
  3. Personal invitation cards for weddings, parties, house warmings etc. (this does not include corporate/commercial events);
  4. Personal Blog sites and forum sites (purely for personal use) with no commercial element in them.
  5. Classroom assignments & school projects by students and teachers for educational purposes only (this does not include any official use such as on the school corporate website).

Approval Form
If you think you fall into any one of these categories/organizations and wishes to use our maps, please obtain our written approval by completing this "Request for approval form". If approved, we will waive our licensing fees for your usage. If you do not fall into any of these categories, you may purchase a licence here.

If you have any other special requests which do not meet the guidelines above but feel strongly that you should be heard, please write to us.
While we will do our best to process your request, please note that we are under no obligation to approve your request for the usage of our content. For your own protection, please read our User Agreement. We remind you never to assume that any particular usage falls into any of these categories. Please seek written approval from us before using any of our maps and images.
Once you have received approval to use the maps,
please follow the guidelines as stated here. Copyright Guide & Policies provides users with all the information you need to know about our copyright policies and practices. Find out how you request for the usage of our images and maps for non-profit, personal, educational and other usages. The FAQ’s will answer all your queries regarding copyright infringement, obtaining licensed images as well as how to use our stock images for blogs, personal websites, wedding invitations and more. Singapore Jobs
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