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»Thursday, 15 Mar 2007
 El Wajh Restaurant and Bar
by Vivien Goh
Cuisine : Middle Eastern
El Wajh, part of a trio of food and beverage outlets comprising itself, Lan Na Thai, and Face Bar, serves cuisine as exotic as its..
»Thursday, 04 Jan 2007
 Bubur Ayam Sukabumi
by Dina Indrasafitri
Cuisine : Chinese
After a long night of clubbing, there is nothing you look forward to than some freshly prepared dishes from the kitchen to perk yo..
»Thursday, 14 Dec 2006
 The Piano – Where Dining Hits the R..
by Dina Indrasafitri
Cuisine : International
What is life without entertainment? Everyone enjoys a little song and dance to brighten their days. That point of view is what esc..
»Friday, 08 Dec 2006
 La Porchetta – Enjoying Life the It..
by Dina Indrasafitri
Cuisine : European
The status of Pizza is somehow sadly reduced to unfit lows. Most people regard pizza as ‘last minute food' or objects of experimen..
»Monday, 20 Nov 2006
 Straight From the Queen’s Tandoor
by Dina Indrasafitri
Cuisine : Indian
Something's brewing in the Queen's tandoor and it ain't just Indian. Unlikely as it may seem, the Queen's Tandoor Restaurant serve..
»Wednesday, 20 Sep 2006
 Daeng Tata, Ribs Like You’ve Never ..
by Dina Indrasafitri
Cuisine : Indonesian
Ribs are very tasty and many people pride themselves on the way they prepare ribs with their own unique ‘technique’. Barbequed . m..
 Rumah Makan Taman Hek: A cozy hidde..
by Dina Indrasafitri
Cuisine : Indonesian
Rumah Makan Taman Hek (Taman Hek Restaurant) is a well-hidden cozy spot in East Jakarta. If you feel like having a low-budget dinn..
»Thursday, 14 Sep 2006
 decoriander: Where East Meets West
by Galuh Wulandarie
Cuisine : International
This happens to me quite often. I go over the endless lunch and dinner options that Jakarta has to offer. Should it be steak, sand..
»Monday, 11 Sep 2006
by Galuh Wulandarie
Cuisine : Vietnamese
Jakartans in general are not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine. There are only a handful of Vietnamese restaurants in the city, non..
»Monday, 04 Sep 2006
 The Fisherman: Quite a Catch
by Galuh Wulandarie
Cuisine : Chinese
The Fisherman is in town to answer the city's growing craving for delicious seafood dishes, and it's about time. With aquariums te..
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