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Kinderfield & Highfield School
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Kinderfield & Highfield School Kinderfield & Highfield School Kinderfield & Highfield School
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Kinderfield School believes that all children have the rights to grow and learn in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment.

Our vision:

To be a leading schhol that provides high quality education and learning environtment in shaping a

responsible-to-life generation.

Our mission:

- To provide quality education at an affordable cost.

- To provide innovative programs and curriculum for children from preschool to primaty school age.

- To shape the children to be independent and life long learners.

- To build communicative, critical thinker, and caring individuals.

- To educate the children to become high quality future leaders.

Highfield Secondary School is a National Plus School that implements the National Curriculum and the International Cambridge Programme. The combination creates the best opportunity for students to explore and establish knowledge, skill, and understanding.

Highfield Secondary School nurtures every student to be someone who is responsible to his life. One, who will be a continuous and independent learner that exhibits leadership qualities. One, who is globally attuned, that will make meaningful contributions to the nation and society.

Produk & Servis

Kinderfield School is a school for PreSchool & Primary.

Kinderfield has 12 Centers arounf JABODETABEK & Cirebon:

-Kinderfield Tebet

-Kinderfield Duren Sawit

-Kinderfield Bekasi

-Kinderfield Cirebon

-Kinderfield Sunter

-Kinderfield Cinere

-Kinderfield Cibubur

-Kinderfield Simprug

-Kinderfield BSD

-Kinderfield Bogor

HIGHFIELD SECONDARY SCHOOL is a school for HighSchool level.

Located in Rawa Domba street, RT.04/16 Kelurahan Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, Indonesia.


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