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All you need to know about our Copyright Policies!
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All you need to know about our copyright practices & policies

General Terms
Maps for non-commercial and personal uses
1. General Terms
(a). Virtual Map (S) Pte Ltd owns the rights to the content found on Please read our User Agreement for full details.
(b). may from time to time also contain certain third party content. If you believe that any of these third party materials found on our site has been used in a manner that may constitute an infringement of our material , please click here to “Report Suspected Infringements”.
If you intend to reproduce any of our content (e.g. maps) for commercial use such as on your corporate website or advertising and publicity material, you must Purchase a licence from us regardless of the type of media that is used.
2. Maps for certain non-commercial and personal uses
(a). We support certain non-commercial and/or personal uses of our maps. These are limited to the following :
i. Use by charities registered with the National Council of Social Services for charitable purposes only;
ii. Use by registered religious institutions (such as mosques, churches, temples in their ordinary day to day operations);
iii. Personal invitation cards for weddings, parties etc. (this does not include corporate/commercial events);
iv. Personal Blog sites and forum sites (purely for personal use) with no commercial element in them.
v. Classroom assignments & school projects by students and teachers for educational purposes only (this does not include any official use such as on the school corporate website).
If you think you fall into any one of these categories/organizations and you wish to use our maps, you must obtain our written approval. Please complete our Request for approval form. If you do not fall into any of these categories, you may Purchase a licence here.
Please note that we are under no obligation to approve your request for use of our content. For your own protection, please read our User Agreement. We remind you never to assume that any particular use falls into any of these categories. Please write to seek approval from us before using any of our maps.