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How The Island Outlines are made
The Maps in are made from Satellite images. We are one of the few companies in Singapore that are authorised by the police department to use the Satellite Images. The maps are made from 1m, 10m and 20m Satellite Images.
10m Satellite Data

Example of a 10m Satellite Data showing the eastern part of Singapore & Johor
Digitizing Process

The entire Singapore was painstakingly digitized by the cartography team.

It took over 1 month to digitize the entire Singapore making sure that every detail is captured.
The digitised
outline of Singapore
The digitised data is then added with
colours. The shape of Singapore is
Other more-defined items such as reservoirs, parks, railways, golf courses, major roads, expressway, airports, piers, MRT Stations and other landmarks etc are slowly traced using the satellite images.
Shore Lines
Reservoirs, Lakes & Rivers
Once all the outlining is done, the image of Singapore will take shape as follows.
Singapore outline
complete with all
the major
Each outlined area is
then filled with its own
colour according to's
Names & X,Y

Once the process above is completed, building names & other major landmarks are then added into the maps before they are cut to create level 1, 2 & 3 which you see online.

Read more on how the building outlines and road networks are created for Maps in Level 5, 6 & 7 (including how the road names and building names are captured)