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Pt. Asri Utama Technical Services
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PT. Asri Utama Technical Services in cooperate with Phoenix QC Co., Ltd. With World-wide network of more than 400 specialized and technical personnel working in 62 countries, we strive to become a brand name in the international inspection and surveillance field. We serve all well known international contractors especially in oil & gas field. We are confident and sure of what we are doing; we work very hard to provide the ultimate service in a traditional approach.

While serving upscale and large worldwide clients, we introduce excellence in details. While improving our company into a traditional but corporate form, we are working to become the #1 preferred inspection company in the world with a well known brand name in the field. We are providing solutions as a local partner while introducing ourselves as international brand name source in inspection field.
Mission: To serve our clients' needs with the trust worthy service at the least cost to them.
Values: Respect the human being and nature, become a trust worthy organization, satisfy all and every customer with their inspection needs.
Vision: As a pioneer company in inspection field within the international market, our main goal is to keep doing the best we can and improve trust among people & organizations we work with. We always try hard to be the #1 preferred inspection company in the world.
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Inspection Services:

PT. Asri Utama Technical Services has extensive experience at all the levels of inspection for the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Marine, Industrial and Heavy Engineering Division, we can provide highly qualified technical personnel from extensive pool of technical personnel’s available.

  • Vendor inspection
  • Expedition
  • API (1104/510/570/653) Inspection
  • Welding/Painting/Coating Inspection
  • Electrical and Instrument Inspection
  • QA/QC/QS Services
  • Construction Inspection & Testing
  • Pipe mill Inspection
  • Dimensional (Linear/Geometrical) Inspection
  • Resident inspection
  • WPS/Welder Qualification
  • Stage inspection
  • Packing inspection
  • Manpower Supply

With such a dynamic environment and fast athmosphere in today's world, we need to take decisions in a very short period of time. And mostly 'time' is very limited or even not enough to evaluate things in our daily routine.

No matter if you own a small shop or a well known CEO in a large scale multi billion dollar company in the world, you need inspection.

And when you need it, you need to go to the right address to get the best service at reasonable cost.

Please let us know at: (Subject: Inspection Services)

Expediting Services:

In general, the idea for general audience is simple: Just produce what they ask for and never care about the procedures, specs, data sheets, contracts, and other forms of documents. In fact, we believe in the importance of how it is produced rather than other issues. So, quality starts with HOW. It is important to know the background, production steps, rules and regulations while performing the production. In such an environment, Expediting is the key to success. '' is the real source for all your expediting needs. With professional team members, we inquire, follow up, contact, search, communicate, report, and we finally provide the production code for you. Then you will be able to see the actual process, status, forecast and final result.

We provide expediting service on a client based system. We focus on the notification we receive and we perform exactly what client instructing. With our real time reporting, client knows the eaxct status and real time position of the order. Make sure to use '' for all your expediting and auditing needs; we are just a click away. (Subject: Expediting Services)

Procurement Services:

It is one of the basic rule of our company; 'provide the best for the reasonable cost'. So we provide goods and services for your needs at the lowest price possible and you get the best product or service at affordable pricing.

PT Asri Utama Technical Services is the all-in-one address for your needs such as all types of transformers, switchgears, earthing resistors, power, communication, instruments cables with or without armor, stainless steel fabrication, aluminum profiles and accessories, cable trays, earthing materials, welded pipes, plastic items, and much more.

We know where to find things and we go directly to the right source in a fast way without loosing time by typing emails back and forth asking for the right person in charge cause we already know the person.

Moreover, we get the best rate for you since we know the local cost and we already worked with the vendor previously. We can negotiate for you and you don't loose your valuable time with long negotiations. It is very common that we get more discount than you would get.
And finally we don't have to wait for 3 months to process the the order since we have excellent connections and we can get the right product in 3 weeks time compared to 3 months. When you add all these advantages, you will no way loose money out of such a deal. We are confident that you will choose '' as your long term solution partner. We are always here to assist you at (Subject: Procurement Services)

NDT Services:

Non Destructive Testing is a group of analysis tecniques in order to evaluate properties of a material without causing any damage or changing its form, visual characteristics, shape, etc. It is commonly used in other phrases but most of the item, it represents the same meaning.

There are certain methods which are far from each other but sometimes works together. Each method of NDT is used to reach the same goal; to perform the inspection without harming the material.

The most common methods in brief are:

  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Advance NDT

At PT. ASRI UTAMA TECHNICAL SERVICES, we are able to use all NDT methods and all of our employees are absolute skilled personnel with extensive background and experience. We provide NDT service locally and internationally for your needs. We also provide long term NDT personnel for your ongoing projects. For more Ä°nfo, contact us direct at (Subject: NDT Services)

Inspection and Expediting Services