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Reg. Name: Pt Tosanda Dwi Sapurwa
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About Us

PT Tosanda Dwi Sapurwa offers industrial coating, and abrasive blasting solutions for industrial settings. We provide a full range of coating solutions for new construction, maintenance and resurfacing projects. As corrosion prevention and repair specialists, we engineer and implement solutions on most types of internal and external industrial surfaces. Because of our experience, we understand the challenges of turnarounds. We take care to optimize shutdown work to your advantage, minimizing outage downtime while protecting your capital assets. More than anything in this industry, people make the difference. As a service-driven company, PT Tosanda Dwi Sapurwa relies on highly skilled and knowledgeable journeyman applicators anad qualified trades personnel to deliver safe and professional services


Jl.Haji Hrun No.28, Jati Rahayu, Pondok Melati, Bekasi 17414

Phone: (62-21) 8467521, 8480210, 84975246

Fax. (62-21) 8480215 E-mail: tosanda@cbn.net.id

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Kawasan Industru INKOPAU, Jati Rahayu, Pondok Melati

Tosanda ‘s values

PT. Tosanda Dwi sapurwa and it employes are comitted to providing surface preparation, coating application, and any associated service that wxceed our customer’s requirements.

Our primary goal is to be the best in our fieldand fumish the customer with the finest in quality and value.

We are dedicated to customers saticfaction in all we do and will accept nothing less than “best in claas” we understaind that we must provide a better job than our competitors in order to meet customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction is evident by their recomendation of our service to others and in doing so, we will ensure future work for the Tosanda Dwi Sapurwa people and security for their families.

Having the hishest quality and safety record is the price of admission in our “best class

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the process of removing preexisting coatings, residure, organic matter, oxidation, or other contaminants from a surface, and it can range from a basic wipe-down or sanding to a tottal stripping, using tools and eqipment designed specifically for the surface and coating at hand. The surfaces being prepped are usally steel, concrete, or metal, and can include floors, walls, decks, countertops, walkways, or road. Coating and contaminant thats are removable include paint, oil, dust, mold, or rust.

Tosanda Dwi Sapurwa offers various types of surface preparation methods which suitable to yuor need, such as:

  1. Solvent cleaning
  2. Hand tool cleaning
  3. Power tool cleaning
  4. Water jet cleaning
  5. Cncrete surface preparation
  6. Dry abrasive blasting
  7. Wet abrasive blasting

It is more than just sand blasting

“sandblasting” is a well-know term i the protective coatings industry. However, there is much more to abrsive blasting than sand.

With reliable suppplier supports, PT Tosanda Dwi Sapurwa has access to all types of specialty abrasive for specific application. Many abrasive are silica-free and designed to conform to health and safety giuldelines.

Abrasive blasting can be completed in the field or in the shop, depending upon project requiremens. Typeof abrasive we used:

  1. Alumuniun oxide
  2. Glass bead, ceramic bead
  3. Sodium becarbonate (baking soda)
  4. Steel shot (round)
  5. Garnet
  6. Magnesium sulphate (kieserite)
  7. Dry ice
  8. Steel grid (jagged)