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Artful Dining @ Lamak Restaurant & Bar
by: Sophia

Opened in March of 2002, this restaurant brings both good food and fine art together. Lamak's chef, German-born Chef Roland Lickert offers a wide range of Western, Italian and Asian cuisines with a twist. Mixing his 40 years experience with his worldly travels, Lickert's culinary expertise is further enhanced with every new adventure.

  • The Vibe
    The architectural and interior design was done by the famous Michael White, or more affectionately known as Made Wijaya. It blends both metal and organic elements together and is complimented by stunning colours, brilliant textures and traditional pictures. With most of the interior consisting of wooden objects such as furniture and ornaments, the solid metal railings and staircase really stands out. The open air concept and the dim lights, together with the dreamy music playing in the background, create the perfect atmosphere for love birds sharing a special night together.
  • The Food
    At Lamak Restaurant, be prepared to be blown away by the culinary skills of Chef Roland Lickert. Each dish is meticulously prepared and its presentation is a work of art. Choose from the Chef's recommendation menu to experience the best of Lamak. One of the dishes that stand out is the Lobster Lasagne. Unlike any regular lasagne, this layered delight is served with a unique blend of papaya chilli sauce but don't be fooled by the name as it is not spicy at all. The BBQ Prawns is another good option and it is beautifully presented with a rice pancake and vegetables. The prawns are served ready-to-eat and are sweetened by a hint of honey. The Coconut Cake is a unique concoction that explores the entire palate. A perfect blend of pineapple, mango, coconut and ginger served with chilli ice cream will be the perfect way to punctuate your meal.
  • The Service
    Lamak Restaurant has seen the likes of many well known locals including the ex-president of Indonesia , President Megawati. It doesn't come as a surprise that the staff is very well-trained and well-versed with the entire menu. They are attentive without being too intrusive as well as friendly and helpful. If you are unsure about what to order, suggestions from the staff would be advisable.

The SD Food Advisor's take on Lamak Restaurant
The name itself signifies tools of offerings for the Balinese people and at Lamak Restaurant, their tool is the delicacies offered to its patrons. Much effort is put into each dish and the prices do reflect the hard work and the delicious offerings. In any case, it's money well spent and you'll be planning your next visit to Bali with Lamak Restaurant in mind.

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Address : Lamak Bar & Resrtaurant,
Jalan Wanara-wana (Monkey Forest)

About The Author

Sophia, Writer for Malaysia

Sophia is a music graduate from Trinity College London and has racked up 7 years of teaching experience before the age of 25. In between classes, she still finds time to write movie and music reviews for various online and print publications. Now venturing into travel writing, she is able to blend both her passion for wordplay with her passion for travel. She loves a good adventure and welcomes a challenge. Armed with her brutal honesty as well as a sense of humour, she now seeks to put her adventures into words.

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