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Daeng Tata, Ribs Like You’ve Never Seen Before
by: Dina Indrasafitri

Ribs are very tasty and many people pride themselves on the way they prepare ribs with their own unique ‘technique’. Barbequed . marinated with wine, baked..Think you’ve seen it all? How about giving ‘Daeng Tata’ a try. This Restaurant may give you a whole new different point of view about ribs and many more delicious dishes.

Daeng Tata is located in the Casablanca road of South Jakarta.
There are three Daeng Tata restaurants on the same road so you can pick whichever suits you the most. The first one is an open-aired dining place with wood as its building materials. The second is right across the street from the first one, and the third is just around 10 metres from the second one. The restaurant’s signs are quite eye-catching so it’s not very likely you will miss them.

 If you are into traditional Indonesian cuisines you might want to try Sop Konro, or the Konro Soup. The first thing you’ll notice is that inside that big bowl of soup there is a gigantic rib , with bones sticking out, and that could be just enough to guarantee that this is no a-quarter-of-plate-without-any-carbohydrates dish. This is serious filling food. 

Sop Konro, a traditional Makassar (South Sulawesi) food, is rich in spice but it’s not spicy in terms of hot, unless you eat it with
the accompanying chili, of course. You can ask the waiter for a strictly non-chili version if you’d like.  It would be a good introduction for those who are trying to get to know Indonesian food. You can choose to eat the soup with rice or ketupat (rice cakes). The soup may be too salty for some to eat on its own so it’s better to order a second portion of rice if you have already finished the first.

Tata Ribs is a more ‘modern’ menu item, being a prided original creation of the Restaurant, but it’s becoming even more popular than the original Sop Konro. Ribs, the same serving size as the ones in Sop Konro, are boiled marinated, roasted on dry coconut shells and served with a sweet, nutty sauce which tastes like satay sauce. The tender meat slips from the bones and the taste could prove to be surprisingly scrumptious even for those who winced at the thought of marinating a rib with a sauce made from nuts.

Eating the soup and ribs could be tricky, though, because of their size, and if you are having trouble getting to those tiny yet the most delicious bits do not hesitate to use your hands. It’s all right to do that as long as you don’t put the whole rib in your mouth like a hungry pre-historic man.

Other options of food are also available, all in hearty portions, all in ultra-cheap prices. Try the Nasi Goreng (fried rice) which is different from the kecap (sweet soy sauce)-laden versions that are found in most parts of Jakarta. The fried rice is pink in color because its main seasoning is tomato.  There are also other snacks and refreshing drinks, mostly traditional Makassar delicacies.

If you are tempted to try out Daeng Tata, be aware that it is very crowded during lunch hours so it would be a good idea to go there on working hours or try to get ahead of people during the lunch break. Maybe you will also run into Haji Maming, who founded this restaurant in 1993 and now, in his successful times, still greets and ask the customers dining there if they found the food to be satisfying enough. 

Daeng Tata Restaurant                                                                                                                     KH. Abdullah Syafi'ie St.
Manggarai Selatan Village, Tebet
South Jakarta City 12860

Address : Daeng Tata,
Jalan KH. Abdullah Syafi'ie No. 33, Tebet, South Jakarta

About The Author

Dina Indrasafitri, Travel Writer

Dina writes for SD Indonesia Editorial team for Streetdirectory.co.id. Robert J Steiner manages Streetdirectory.co.id & FlowerAdvisor.co.id, well known for for online Flowers & Gifts in Indonesia.

Dina finished her Major in Sociology in 2005. After working in Medan for several months and giving a shot at different jobs she finds that her love for writing, food, interior design and her hometown Jakarta had lead her to become a writer at Streetdirectory.com.

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