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 Thomas Tay ( Photographer in Singapore )

A graduate of Nanyang Academny of Fine Arts, Thomas has ventured into every field that allows him to put his shutter to good use. From design houses to a make-over studio, the trendy guy is a specialist in photographing food, portraits, wedding and cars. Not one to let his appreciation for beauty go to waste, the ever-cool one also has ventured into the fashion industry, having worked with several international models before.

Ultimately, Thomas believes that there’s another world within his camera viewfinder.


Deyana Goh
  » Writer for Food Advisor
Dhoraisingam S. Samuel
  » Writer for Singapore
  » Writer, Jakarta, Indonesia
  » Writer & Presenter
Jeraena Seah
  » Writer for Singapore
Kareena Ally
  » Writer for Singapore
  » Writer for Malaysia
Victoria Barker
  » Writer for Singapore


Billy Poh
  »  Photographer in Chief, Singapore
  »  Project Manager
  »  Photographer for Malaysia
  Thomas Tay
  »  Photographer for Singapore
  »  Photographer for Indonesia


Alex Ang
  » Contributor
  » Contributor
Becky Lo
  » Contributor
Hattie Liew
  » Contributor
Jane Ng
  » Contributor
  » Contributor
Kelvin Ng
  » Contributor
Stephanie Lim
  » Contributor
Viviane Then
  » Contributor


Firdhaus Akber
  »  Managing Director
Adrian Khoo
  »  Editor
Victoria Nichols
  »  Editor
Rena Chiam
  »  Asst Editor
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