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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » District Guide » Tabanan » Interesting Spots in Tabanan
Interesting Spots in Tabanan
by: Celestine
  • Tanah Lot
    This temple is likely the most famous and most photographed temple in the whole of Bali. It is closely associated with the legendary priest Nirartha, who came to Tabanan some time ago and was so impressed with the island’s superb setting that he suggested that a temple should be built here. According to Balinese legend this Sanghyang Nirantha, a Brahmana (highest caste in Bali) from Java who came to Bali in the 16th century proved his power by building the temple on top of a rock on shore and turned his stole into a snake to guard the temple. Up till now, you can still see the snake inside the temple’s cave. Literally, it’s a sea snake with a flat tail like a fish, and is extremely poisonous, 3 times more venomous than the cobra.

    Tanah Lot is also talked about for its lovely sunsets. Tourists flock from all over to witness the sight of the beautifully outlined temple against the glowing horizon. The most breathtaking view is high up on the cliff overlooking the temple, on a cloudless afternoon. Since Tanah Lot is one of major tourist sites in Bali, many facilities are provided on the way to Tanah Lot - Balinese souvenirs, goodies, restaurants and others. If you believe in the myths, Tanah Lot has plenty of its own. The Balinese believe that lovers (unmarried couples) are forbidden to go to Tanah Lot. It is said that they’ll break up soon. The meaning of ‘Tanah’ is earth and ‘Lot’ means sea. This symbolizes the union of natural and cosmic elements. A powerful combination of energies.

  • Begedul
    The panoramic view is definitely a spellbinding one here at Bedugul, another elevated area in Central Bali where you will have to remember to bring along your sweater. Here, the cold breeze will not fail to follow you with its chilly caresses even during the afternoons. Many misperceptions have developed about Bedugul. Some think it’s the name of a lake, a temple, or such others, when Bedugul is actually a village.

    There are many interesting places to explore in Bedugul such as The Bali Botanical Gardens, Lake Beratan the second largest lake in Bali, Lake Bunyan, Lake Tamblingan Ulun Danu temple and others. Since it’s considered a cold area, you will find fruit vendors selling strawberries, snake skin fruits, mangoes, corns, and others which you will find rare in your own country. You can also have a good time playing golf at Bali Handara Kosaido Country club, which is ranked top 50 in the list of the World’s best courses by Golf magazine.

    • Pura Ulun Danu
      In the town of Candi Kuning sits the Pura Ulun Danu, this lakeside temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Dewi Danau, the goddess of water. The gardens are endowed with an abundance of colourful flowers and the driveway provides astounding views over Kintamani, Mount Agung and the sea.

  • Pura Luhur Temple
    Situated at the foot of Mount Batukau, southwest of Bedugul, stands another Balinese wonder called the Pura Luhur Temple. Deep in the midst of the rainforests, this place is a unique encounter between nature and man.

  • Jatulawih
    Jatulawih is a small village whose name translates to “truly marvelous” in English. The view certainly lives up to its name and the sight encompasses a large portion of southern Bali.

  • Pejaten
    The villages here have an ancient tradition of pottery-making – pots, tiles, ornaments, all from fire-baked clay. The pots are used all over the island and due to its delicate nature, the continuity of its supply and demand is ensured.

  • Alas Kedaton
    Alas Kedaton or Holy Forest is a small forest of around 12 hectares. In this forest is an old temple and to the southeast of the temple is a small field called the monkey cemetery. However why it is called so has not been verified in any manner. There are nonetheless hundreds of monkeys here in the forest, and high up on the big trees are many bats hanging and singing with their loud voices.