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Indonesia Islands
Overview of Indonesia Islands

Indonesia Islands
Indonesia is the most volcanic country on earth with almost 4,500 volcanoes creating an impressive backbone for much of the archipelago. Rainforests and eternal snow-capped mountain peaks contrast with exotic white-sand beaches and warm tropical seas teeming with coral and a marvelous variety of ...

Sumatra Island
Sumatra is the second largest island in Indonesia and possibly one of the richest in terms of natural resources and beauty. The Bukit Barisan Mountains stretch for most of the island’s length plunging steeply to the sea in the west and rolling onto swampy plains in the east. Perfect cone-shaped v...

Java Island
Java is a heavily populated island of enormous diversity ranging from unspoiled tropical beaches and jungles to active volcanoes and ancient monuments. Evidence of a rich and influential history can be found all over the island, particularly in Central Java from the times of the Mataram Empire. D...

Kalimantan Island
Traveling through the Province of East Kalimantan along the mighty Mahakam River is a fascinating and unforgettable adventure. The river carves its way through the jungles and flatlands constantly reshaping and nourishing the land. Wild orchids drip off trees, bekantans (Proboscis monkeys...

Bali Island
By far the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali has remained almost unreal in today’s changing world. The island is divided by a string of impressive volcanoes running almost through the center of the island which locals believe to be the home of the gods. Shrouded in mystery and m...

Sulawesi Island
The beautiful orchid shaped island of Sulawesi is rapidly becoming one of Indonesia’s fastest growing tourist destinations. Magnificent coral gardens and a multitude of tropical marine life protect coastlines of virgin-white beaches; mountains and volcanoes dominate the landscape with over 50 sum...

Maluku Province
Once known as the Mollucas, the famed Spice Islands, were once fought over by Indian, Arab, Chinese and later European traders. The Province of Maluku is blessed with fabulous sea gardens, idyllic, tropical beaches and spectacular landscapes rich with an enormous variety of endemic plant ...

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