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Adam Air Airlines
by: Dina Indrasafitri

Adam Air

“We have a dream that everyone can fly.”

                                   - HR Agung Laksono, Chairman of Adam Air

It all started with one boy’s dream. Being a passionate collector of model airplanes , the son of a distinguished family of entrepreneurs, Mr. Adam Adhitya Suherman’s interest in the aviation world is apparent. Believing fully in the efficiency and advantages of aeroplanes, he hopes to extend to everyone the privilege of flying by offering inexpensive fares without compromising its service and safety standards. With that great vision in mind, Mr. Adam sought out other great entrepreneurial spirits and set up the boutique airline Adam Air. Adam Air promises a value-for-money flying experience.

Started in 2003, there were only two aircrafts catering to the needs of the market. In just three years, the airline has grown to a fleet of 20 airplanes, ranging from Boeing 737-200 to the 500 series. Aside from the main office located in Pluit, the airline now also has a Flight Operations and Training Center called the Orange City in Jl Peta Barat, near the Soekarno-Hatta airport.

Mr. Robby Watercamp, who is the airline’s Executive Vice President of Safety, also known to most of the Adam Air family as Captain Robby, has been a part of the airline business since 1963. Initially a technician, he worked his way up to become a respected airline captain. Captain Robby feels that the business benefitted greatly from the enthusiasm and advanced vision of the Mr. Adam. In its early days, Adam Air experienced a multitude of challenges; demands for efficient personnel, management systems, and aircrafts were crucial, and further more, the people behind the young airline had to design attractive packages to remain competitive and comparable with other renowned airlines within the industry. Adam Air had proven itself worthy of the game and is now, Captain Robby says, enjoying its period of growth and expansion.

Adam Air-Facilities

Inspired by South West Airline, Adam Air succeeded in making flying no longer a luxury but a common option for those living a mobile life. This airline offers inexpensive flight tickets that come with first rate service and flight experience. The airline abides by the CASN- the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations religiously, which is the official law guiding the safety of airline operations in Indonesia .

The commendable pre-flight service allows for convenience in ticket purchasing and booking with accommodating staff that are more than happy to arrange your flight and to ensure a prompt flight departure. To enjoy even lower prices for your ticket, do make early arrangements to enjoy greater savings.

Adam Air’s aircrafts are easily recognized by its eye-catching trademark orange color, with its logo boldly emblazoned on the tails. The Boeing 737-400 aircraft offers a three-seat arrangement in two columns, with spacious luggage compartments above the seats that can hold large volumes of baggage. Excellent customer service awaits you on your flight with Adam Air, which ranges from the serving of light snacks and bottled water by professional and friendly flight crew, to the provision of on-board games and activities hosted by the crew to keep passengers entertained during the flight. Some of the flights may not include on-board meals, which ensures greater savings for the passenger. Upon disembarging from the plane, Adam Air’s shuttle service will whist passengers away from the blazing heat of the landing area to the cool confines of the airport. Now that is what we call an airline that puts their customers’ welfare and enjoyment ahead of everything else.

Adam Air- Personnel Management

As the Adam Air business grows in size and scope, so does the demand for bigger and better human resources.

From the start, the airline has paid a lot of attention in recruitment and training in order to produce the best qualified flight team. Committed teamwork, pleasant work attitudes and patience is what makes the crew of Adam Air strong and efficient in their work. The airline also has controls in place to ensure that their crews are well rested so as to avoid fatigue and careless accidents.

Adam Air going forth

Possessing all the essential elements that make up a successful airline, Adam Air looks set to take off and excel in more ways than one. With a humble start of providing just domestic flights, its routes have now extended to regional destinations of Singapore and Penang , Malaysia . But Adam Air will not stop there; within the next few years, this progressive airline will also be extending its wings to the Cambodia , Australia and East Timor . Equipped with highly talented and creative staff and management, great things will come to Adam Air as it embarks on a journey to reach number one in the industry.

Head Office
Jalan Gedong Panjang Raya No 28
Jakarta 11240-Indonesia
Telp: (62-21) 691 7540
Fax: (62 21) 692 7071

277 Orchard Road
Specialist Shopping Center #01-42
Phone (065) (6836 9990)
Fax (065) (6836 2619)

Flight Operation and Training Center
Orange City
Jalan Peta Barat No 89
Telp: (62-21) 540 7201
Fax: (62-21) 540 1726

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About The Author

Dina Indrasafitri, Travel Writer

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