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History and Culture in Bandung

Bandung History
Bandung is a place with unique language, culture, and amazing history. It’s located about 180 km southeast from Jakarta. Bandung can be found on the Parahyangan plateau 768 meters above sea level. It has a cooler climate throughout the year than other places in Indonesia. It is surrounded by moun...

About Bandung
Bandung is the capital of the Sundanese and of West Java . Its population today is about 3 million, and that makes Bandung the fourth largest city in Indonesia . It is located at a relatively high altitude, about 800 meters above sea level, and it has a comfortably cool climate. This is one of th...

Bandung Culture
Bandung is the capital of the Sundanese, the main culture of the provinces West Java and Banten. Within this cultural hemisphere, only Jakarta is excluded. The Sundanese have their own cultural legacy and language, which is truly unique and can be experienced in no place better than Bandung . ...

Bahasa Sunda
When walking around in Bandung you will probably notice the melodic, wailing way in which people speak, that sounds very different from Bahasa Indonesia or Javanese. Chances are that you won't understand a word that is uttered, since word structures are quite complex and long, with a lot of multi...

All About Bandung
Bandung was originally established as early as 1641 by Sultan Agung of Mataram. The location of Bandung in these days was further to the South. The city in its present location was established by the Dutch in 1811. The ‘Groote Postweg' was built to connect Batavia ( Jakarta ) to the West of Java,...

Visiting Bandung
Strangers to this city might question the purpose of visiting Bandung . Tales of pollution and traffic jams cloud the city's attractions, while the absence of a tourist friendly infrastructure makes travelers bypass Bandung and head for Yogyakarta or Bali instead. Certainly, some of these critici...

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