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Bandung Hotels

The Ardjuna Boutique Hotel & Spa
Hotel Ardjuna is located on Jalan Ciumbuleuit, in the North of Bandung. Being a 4 star establishment, one would expect certain facilities. The Ardjuna however, takes it a step further. Instead of offering the standard range of features, this hotel has used creativity to come up with some original...

Grand Lembang Hotel
The Hotel Grand Lembang is one of the oldest and well known hotels in the Bandung area. With its colonial roots you might expect this hotel to be a historical artefact. Alas, The Hotel Grand Lembang's colonial charm has lost its colour and nowadays it displays a worn-out facade and outdated facil...

Grand Hotel Lembang Bandung
The Grand Hotel Lembang is one of the oldest hotels in the Bandung area and was opened by the Dutch in 1926. Since it is a heritage of the colonial times, the Grand Hotel Lembang is also one of the most well known hotels in this area. Unfortunately, the colonial splendour has faded and what remai...

Royal Merdeka Hotel
This hotel is the newest addition to the Bandung Royal group comprised of three 2 star hotels in the city center. The Royal Merdeka was opened in 1995. It is situated strategically in the heart of the Bandung Business district directly opposite of the Bandung City Hall (Balai Kota). It advertises...

List Of Hotels In Bandung
The list of Hotels in Bandung is endless. There's plenty of choice, but picking the right one for your stay is not an easy task. Business or pleasure, whatever brings you to Bandung , there is bound to be a fitting place for you to call home during your stay. It all depends on your needs and want...

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