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Jakarta Travel Guide - Bars/Pubs

Second Floor Bar
Located at the heart of Kemang area, which is in spotlight for the best hang-out place in Jakarta these days. My advance warning, do not go to Second Floor on weekends, as you will be squeezed by party teenagers. But on any other nights, this is quite a catch. I’ll tell you why. First, S...

Vin Wine Bar
The custom of wine drinking is rapidly gaining popularity in Jakarta , adding a whole new dimension to the city's lifestyle. But apart from wine connoisseurs, only a few people know how to select the right wine. With the expansive selection of wines in the market, which one should you choose? Spa...

Jaya Pub Jakarta
More than 32 years later, the Jaya Pub remains the preferred destination of older expatriates and Indonesians. The pub retains its retro feel; no major décor changes have been made since the seventies. Paneled walls made from wood are covered with posters of glamorous Hollywood stars from past ...

Gillian'S Bar
A one stop haven for shopping and entertainment, Plaza Semanggi has everything that a mall could offer. Having shopped for hours and in need of some refreshments, one can always go to Gillian's and enjoy playing pool while enjoying Gillian's great cocktails. Gillian's is a cozy place whe...

Score Cilandak Town Square
Fancy a game of pool? Try ‘Score!’ at the Cilandak Town Square . This One-stop entertainment center boasts 15 high-quality pool tables and a friendly, uptown atmosphere. Not only you could get a good game going, you can also enjoy good music, good drinks and good food. Score! Gives you lots of ...

The Venue Nightclub
The Venue started out as a restaurant and lounge, with limited space for a dance floor and performance stage. Eventually it became more of spinning DJs and less food and drinks for this establishment located south of Kemang. Ms. Rae, the super friendly PR of The Venue says that the price...

Shangrila Restaurant
In these rapid times and even more rapid advancements, it’s often that one searches for that haven for unwinding and merry times. Trouble comes, trouble goes but you can always rely on B.A.T.S to provide your much-needed distraction. It may be short-termed but hey, we never claimed that life is p...

The Martini Bar
James Bond wants it shaken, not stirred. Whether the drink actually plays a part in his reputation as a secret agent and a charming lady-killer, that is really none of our business. What is our business is the fact that Martinis have this ability to delude you into thinking that you can take ov...

Satu Lagi Bar
Located in the ground floor of four-star Hotel Kristal, Satu Lagi prides itself as an Irish bar and it is no wonder why it has a loyal stream of followers. Wooden panels, solid furniture and bar-wise pop art décor such as Harley-Davidson custom plates gives it a masculine and relaxed fe...

J Lounge Jakarta
Ahh, the futuristic lighting schemes, the large shiny dance floor, the big screaming crowds, such are the features of most night clubs in Jakarta. Of course it’s impressive and you enjoyed some of its moments, but now you find it somewhat tiresome.  You’d prefer a more exclusive joint with...

Red Square Bar
Living in Russia means battling low temperatures in a cold climate for most of the year. It is no wonder they invented one of the most famed alcoholic drinks: the Vodka. Popular on its own or as an ingredient for cocktails such as martini, it is just right and about time that someone finally pa...

The Retro Club
What is in a name? The term ‘retro' might conjure up images of the ‘50s or ‘60s, but that is not so with the Retro Club in Crowne Plaza Hotel Jakarta. The youths who flock there and the trendy music are surely far cries from bygone eras. Since its opening in the mid-nineties, the club ha...

Xpose Pool
Opening a hip nightlife spot in the West and North area of Jakarta could be a little tricky. Although we do welcome a variety of ways to enjoy the Jakarta nights, it is a widespread secret that the spots in West and North are often considered to be a little outdated. These clubs and discotheques ...

Jalan Jaksa
As all backpacker districts, Jalan Jaksa is home to many bars and cafes where travellers can let their uncombed hair down. There are about 5 places that serve as restaurants during daytime and turn into cafes at night. Jalan Jaksa on a Saturday night attracts a lively crowd of backpackers, locals...


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