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Indonesia » Java Island » Jakarta » Nightlife » Bars and Pubs » The Martini Bar
The Martini Bar
by: Dina Indrasafitri

James Bond wants it shaken, not stirred. Whether the drink actually plays a part in his reputation as a secret agent and a charming lady-killer, that is really none of our business. What is our business is the fact that Martinis have this ability to delude you into thinking that you can take over anyone, any army… the world. Maybe that's Bond's secret; never trust what Hollywood spews out anyway.

Classy as it is sexy, the Martini Bar is the perfect place for you to practice striking that model pose and a lot more. Located by the pool of the Grand Kemang Hotel, the bar has just celebrated its soft opening this November. Assorted Martinis served in style add on more to your hip factor and liqeur desires. If you're not really a Martini-drinker, then this bar will convert you to the land of fine-drinking and chic-living.

Miami-styled comfort with a blue-lighted bar will heighten your visual pleasure. White canopies swinging from the breeze of large fans playfully covers the chic, low-tables-and-chairs chatting area. The playground is extended all the way around the pool where you can lounge in the deckchairs or have a private chat under the umbrella shades. The ambience is reminiscent of a beach, but with a more classy appeal.

By night, the bar takes a life of its own. Hanging lanterns, white lights and candles will make every night a poolside bash. The music spun by the house DJ verges more towards classic dance tunes spiced with a little progressive edge. However, despite the spacious poolside area, there's not much room to groove along to the music since the actual bar itself is quite small. At such, you're left to just shuffling around with your glasses in hand.

The crowd consists mostly of stylish socialites over 25. Undoubtedly, many are staying inside the Grand Kemang hotel, but its appeal transcends that of its walls. The Martini bar is perfect for chilling out and if there's one thing that can surpass its atmosphere is the drink.

The choices of martini available leave little for the imagination. An admirable range of fruity Martinis comprises zesty flavors such as Kiwi, Lychee, Banana, Guava, Strawberry, Melon, Mango and Watermelon. A specialty of the bar is the lip-licking Chocolate Martini. Classic martinis are also available for those who like it neat.

Names such as Perfect Martini-a mixture of gin, dry martini and sweet vermouth garnished with olive and Senorita – a mix of tequila, triple sec, splash lemon juice and cherry, should make them feel at home right away. And don't forget the essential 007 of course-that deadly blend of gin and dry vermouth

The Bar also boasts truly sensational specialties such as the Mousse and squirrel, which is a blend of Vodka, sour cream and squeezed lemon, the Conchita, a blend of Midori, Vodka Mandarin, and Triple sec. Last but definitely not least, prepare yourself for the concoctions which takes a few days of preparation to make: Brain Cleaning, which consists of Vodka, cayenne pepper, olive brine and dry vermouth.

Being aware that there are probably not too many Martini enthusiasts in Jakarta , the Martini Bar decides to color its soft launch with free-flows galore. The Executive Secretary of Grand Kemang hotel, Ms Viora, claims that this is a quick way to introduce this wicked drink to the Jakarta . Nobody can resist a free temptation.

The nights there are busy , yet through the midst of frantic orders and tinkling of glasses, the staffs still managed quite a few smiles and friendly words. Admittedly, rushes of order from the crowd make the mixing business a little tough for the bartenders. This may account for the lack of spunk in some of the concoctions. However, most of them managed to retain their potency, giving it a saving grace.

While the Martini's origins remain a mystery, you know where your addiction to it will stem from. Don't worry, if it's cool enough for the Bond himself, the drink will be cool enough for anyone.

Martinis Bar
Grandkemang Hotel
Kemang Raya St. 2H
Bangka Village , Mampang Prapatan
South Jakarta City 12730

Address : Grandkemang Hotel,
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 2H, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta

About The Author

Dina Indrasafitri, Travel Writer

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Dina finished her Major in Sociology in 2005. After working in Medan for several months and giving a shot at different jobs she finds that her love for writing, food, interior design and her hometown Jakarta had lead her to become a writer at Streetdirectory.com.

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