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Clubbing & Discos
Jakarta Travel Guide - Clubbing & Discos

Nightlife In Jakarta
Hundreds of bars, discos, karaoke lounges and nightclubs range from the sleazy to the refined. Jakarta is also an excellent place to see traditional performing arts from all over the country.Experience numerous lively discos, mostly in well-noted hotels. Discos open around 09:00 pm, though th...

Bliss Jakarta
Forget the office for a while. It’s now time to dress up and head to the parties. In Jakarta, there are plenty of great venues to hang out, such as Bliss and Loft 25 on Jalan Gatot Subroto. Claiming to be the number 1 watering holes in Jakarta, these sister clubs feature world-class entertainment...

Centro Club
“It's time to experience Jakarta 's nightlife.” I told myself, and I knew exactly where to start. If you're familiar with Centro 360, the hip and happening party place in Singapore , then rejoice, as Centro has arrived in Jakarta ! This exciting clubbing destination features a world cl...

X Lounge Jakarta
With the Vertigo Club packed with clubbers that night, a friend suggested, “Let's go downstairs… to the X Lounge.” We then went down to the 16 th floor of Plaza Semanggi using the glass stairway connecting the two nightspots, and headed for the lounge. It's like enjoying two clubs for the price o...

Vertigo Club
Your eyes are wide and though your soul, it can't be bought. Your mind can wander… Hello, hello I'm at a place called Vertigo It's everything I wish I didn't know except you give me something I can feel… feel… Are you familiar with these lyrics? These wer...

Flo Lounge
Being the latest addition in the Jakarta 's lounge line-up, I was curious and wanted to check out the Flo Lounge. Last Friday night, I and the enthusiastic SD team went to this lounge, located in the Bellagio Boutique Mall, Kuningan. Dazzling Innocent was the theme that night, a cl...

Embassy Night Club
Since the place burned down last year due to an accident and was rebuilt soon after, I haven’t been to the Embassy Club in Senayan. I was hoping that this comeback visit won’t be a letdown, and it certainly wasn’t. Even from the outside, it was clear that this club is not fooling around w...

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