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Bliss Jakarta
by: Sylviana

Forget the office for a while. It’s now time to dress up and head to the parties. In Jakarta, there are plenty of great venues to hang out, such as Bliss and Loft 25 on Jalan Gatot Subroto. Claiming to be the number 1 watering holes in Jakarta, these sister clubs feature world-class entertainment with the party vibes guaranteed to set the excitement level to greater heights.

Located at the penthouse level of Menara Jamsostek, Bliss presents an amazing panoramic skyline view of the metropolis, mind-blowing visual effects and sound system, and private VIP lounges. With a 1500 m2 party zone, the place is quite enormous and can easily contain up to 2,000 clubbers. A selection of R&B and hiphop music rocks the house all night long.

Adjacent to Bliss is Loft 25 which offers a more sophisticated environment and great lounging experience. As you enter, the DJs will be mixing, scratching, looping and cutting their hottest progressive tracks. Let the beat control your body and hit the dance floor! If you happen to be wearing your chic stilettos you should be careful though. The floor is multi-tiered and in the dark, you could easily miss your steps and sprain an ankle or two! This shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re utterly smashed...

Specialty drinks of the house are Angel Bliss and Elijah Wood, a mixture of 30 different types. Correctly dubbed 15’ After Effect, the cocktail promises a long lasting dazzling effect in about 15 minutes after drinking the concoction. The house also offers a plethora of other drinks and cocktails to match your taste. However, their Long Island tastes rather sweet due to too much coke content. Take note that its upscale pricing here along with the addition of 25% tax and service.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday (10 PM – 4 AM), Bliss & Loft 25 offers a unique clubbing experience. On Fridays, their fashion police will be screening the queue to select the most fashionable crowd. “If you dress up, you don’t need to line up,” said Andre Paulus, Promotion and Event Coordinator. On Saturday nights, girls may participate in Angel of the Night dance competition to get a free bottle of Jack Daniels and a member’s card. With the perfect combination of cozy lounges, hip music and tasty drinks, Bliss & Loft 25 is certainly one of the more celebrated establishments in town to unwind after a long stress-filled day.

Bliss & Loft 25
Menara Jamsostek 25th Floor
Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta
Tel : +62 21 252 22 11
Fax : +62 21 123 456

Address : Menara Jamsostek,
Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. 38, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta

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