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Jakarta Districts
Jakarta Districts Guide

Thamrin Jakarta
Thamrin Thamrin is one of the most happening areas in the metropolis. With comfortable, clean, broad sidewalks, the dynamic street boasts all-night dining and entertainment facilities, such as Djakarta Theatre (Jakarta’s first cinema), After Hour, Chili’s, McDonald’s (ope...

Sudirman Jakarta
Sudirman Driving straight from HI roundabout heading South, you will be saluted by the grand statue of General Sudirman, the legendary national hero, and enter the busy four-lane avenue of the never-ending traffic. Dubbed Jakarta ’s version of Wallstreet, Jalan Sudirman ...

Jalan Menteng
Menteng Menteng , the “ Beverly Hills ” of Indonesia , is known as a neighborhood for bureaucrats, diplomats and crème de la crème of Jakarta . Supported by easy access to service centers and nearby to the central business district, Menteng is one of the most exclusive a...

Kuningan Jakarta
Kuningan Kuningan, the fastest growing district of Jakarta’s Golden Triangle, is an elite commercial area arrayed with embassies, exclusive office buildings, luxury residential towers and shopping malls. One of the favorites is the Plaza Setiabudi complex. Consis...

Kemang Jakarta
Kemang A glimpse of Kemang area might remind you of Kuta street in Bali . Rows of unique art galleries, stylish houses in traditional designs, expatriate communities and a laid-back atmosphere, it all adds up to making Kemang an out-of-the-metropolis experience. ...

Sudirman Central Business District
The Semanggi district, its name deriving from the intricately designed roads and bridges forming the shape of a four-leaved clover or ‘semanggi’ leaf, is the perfect example of how the human mind shapes things with their perceptions.For those who take pride in the Indonesian development hi...

Tomang Jakarta
The Tomang area is a busy gateway area filled with many different activities. Most people consider it merely a ‘passing-by’ area before going to the Taman Anggrek or Roxy trade center. What they didn’t know is, surprise surprise, Roxy and Taman Anggrek are actually sub-districts of Tomang, ...

Mangga Dua
Welcome to one of the most paced up and packed up area in Jakarta. The Mangga Dua district has a lot to offer if you show that you’re really up to it. Beneath its dusty air and ferocious traffic, there are many hidden treasures to find. One irrepracable ...

Kawasan Pluit
Pluit District There are many theories surrounding the fact that many harbor cities are considered ‘tough’ and ‘merciless’. Some say that it is due to the many sailors or ship workers who had endured many obstacles at sea and expecting to get their share of fun in the land, some...

Kelapa Gading Jakarta
The modern world is laden with myths and prophecies, and their role in the game is not to be underestimated. That might explain the rapid development of Kelapa Gading District. From being a relatively untouched swamp area, it is now a ‘super-district’ complete with luxurious facilities to fulfi...

Kebayoran Baru
The District of Kebayoran Baru is home to a number of affluent and renowned neighborhoods. Probably the only district in Jakarta which follows the system of ‘blocks’, its attempts to change this trend into the more-common ‘sub-districts’ or ‘keluharan’ model have been less popular. Initi...

Cilandak Jakarta
One of the greener districts in Jakarta, the Cilandak district had for long been the option of many for residence and finding tranquility. The area is not necessarily packed with hyperactive entertainment spots or soaring business towers but that does not necessary puts it in the ‘underdeveloped’...

Pondok Indah Jakarta
The Pondok Indah district is a name to drop, if you're looking to generate awe and/ or envy. Jakarta dwellers are familiar with this place and what it represents. Whether positive or negative, there's always something to say about the Pondok Indah district and its residents. Having flour...


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