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Information About Jakarta
by: Editorial Team

Thingking of visiting Jakarta? These are some interesting information about Jakarta which may help you understand Jakarta better.

  • Geographic Location

Jakarta is located on a wide, flat alluvial plain on the north coast of western Java. It covers 650 square kilometers of land rises from five to 50 metres above sea level. Thirteen major waterways flow through it and empty into Jakarta Bay. Time is GMT plus 7 hours. The Local Time in Jakarta current is (Waktu Indonesia Barat).

The city is bound to the north by the Java Sea, to the east by Bekasi district, to the south by Bogor district (these district lie within province of West Java) and to the west by Tangerang district (lie by province of Banten). The city boundaries blend imperceptibly into neighbouring districts, when much of the city’s industry is being developed and large numbers of the workforce are located. This greater Jakarta conurbation is known by the acronym Jabotabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi).

  • Climate

Lying near the equator, Jakarta is hot and humid year-round. The long rainy season falls between late October and early May through rain occurs through out the year, averaging 1791 mm. Rain tends to come in short heavy bursts, hut even during the rainy season it doesn’t rain every day. It rains on only a handful of days during the dry season from July to September.

Afternoon humidity averages around 70%, but is higher during the morning. Temperatures are fairly even throughout the year, averaging nearly 34°C maximum and 25° C minimum. Jakarta gets a steady supply of 12 hours daylight throughout the year, in the dry season the skies are clearer. Mornings are sunnier than the afternoon.

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