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Jakarta Tourist Attractions
by: Editorial Team

Enjoy Jakarta
Jakarta is vibrant, friendly, with a fervent spirit and a lively outlook. Culture, style, history, adventure and sports are just a few of the elements of the city’s enticing persona. Getting to know Jakarta is opening the door to an amazing world of benefits. So, let’s take a quick tour around town, and experience some of the city’s best features.

Major Attractions

  • Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa (Sunda Kelapa Port)
    The old port area of Sunda Kelapa remains a busting hub for those involved in the vibrant interisland trade, along with being center og activity for fresh fish auctionerrs. Graceful Bugis Phinisi Schooners, the world’s last Wind-Powered Sailing Fleet used for trade, still berth at the quay as they have for centuries.  Recieving and shipping out a wide range of the island bounty. Best visited the early morning.

  • Pasar Ikan (Fish Market)
    Them market positioned at the mouth of the Ciliwung River.  This market areas bustles with activities related to the sea. The Maritime Museum (Museum Bahari), situated at the harbour , is a restored Dutch warehouse dating back to the first trading post of the Dutch East Indies. Relics of ships that ply the islands are on display. The daily catch from the sea is auctioned at the nearby public fish market before 05:00 am.

  • Taman Fatahillah (Fatahillah Square)
    The site located in the historic Old City area. It offers three of the city’s most interesting museums. Once the heart of the colonial administration in the 18th century, the square underwent a major restoration in the 1970’s. A fountain in the middle of square once served as the main water supply for the former colonial capital.

  • Monas (Monumen Nasional)
    The site is Jakarta’s well-known landmark. The 137 meters high monument located in the center of Merdeka (Freedom) square, at the center of the city. With many government buildings in the area, this is the administrative heart of Jakarta. View the city from the observation deck or visit the lower ground of the monument where a series of dioramas portrays the dramatic stories of Indonesia’s history. Open daily from 08:30 am to 05:00 pm. On Sundays and public holidays opens until 07:00 pm. 

  • Masjid Istiqlal (Istiqlal Mosque)
    This stately national mosque is Southeast Asia’s largest mosque and positioned on the corner of Merdeka Square. About 90% of the Indonesia people are Moslems. You may experience the amplified chanting from the Istiqlal minaret, echoed by hundreds of other smaller mosques throughout the city to call Jakarta’s citizen to pray five times a day.

  • Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Art Theatre)
    This neo-renaissance structure was meticulously restored and now one of the historical landmarks among the many buildings in Jakarta which have been conserved. Some of the city’s best performances of music, dance and theatre by both Indonesian and foreign artists presented here. Another popular Jakarta venue for exhibitions and performing arts is Taman Ismail Marzuki. Gedung Kesenian publishes a month of calendar, with event announcements in the daily newspapers. Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jalan PasarBaru 1.

  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
    This huge complex located in a convenient 30 minutes driving from the city center. The 300 acres Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Indonesia Miniature Park offers an exciting “tour” of the 33 provinces, with samplings of more than 250 cultures that inhabit the archipelago. Highlight of the park include the Museum Indonesia, a large Bird Park and a spectacular Imax Theatre which features film about Indonesia. Open daily from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm. Take the Jagorawi toll road until you see the TMII sign.

  • Pasar Seni (Art Market)
    This colourful open-air market located in Ancol Amusement Park. This market provides a unique experience for not only purchasing quality Indonesia arts and craft, but also a chance to see and meet the artisans at work. You can watch puppet makers, wood-carvers, painters and many other craft makers from throughout the archipelago cheerfully working on their creations. Open daily from 02:00 pm 09:00 pm on Monday to Saturday and 10:00am 09:00 pm on Sundays.

  • Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street)
    For a unique shopping opportunity, visit the lively Jalan Surabaya Antique Market on the fringes of the posh Menteng residential neighborhood. The 500 meters long open market is a place to celebrate for bargaining exotic treasures. Leather Wayang puppets are one of the most popular items on the shoppers list.

  • Kebun Binatang Ragunan (Ragunan Zoo)
    The 185 acres city zoo is located to the South of Jakarta near Pasar Minggu, contains a comprehensive collection of wildlife throughout Indonesia. Among the superb exhibits of 3,600 species is the rare Komodo “Dragon”, the Cendrawasih “Bird of paradise” from Papua, Java Tigers and variety of Orang Utans. These animals live in environments closely representing their native habitats. Open daily from 07:00 am 05:00 pm.