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Beyond Jakarta
by: Editorial Team

Apart from Jakarta, there are also many interesting things you can do outside Jakarta. Spend some time to venture beyond the city and you will find stunning beaches with crystalline water, picturesque resorts and velvety mountains terraced with rice fields and rich tea and rubber plantation, as well as innumerable sites of historic and cultural interest.

  • Taman Safari Wild Animal Park - Nestled in the beautiful Puncak landscapes within an easy hour drive from Jakarta is Taman Safari Wild Animal Park. Home for a wide range of freely roaming animals that could safely observed from private vehicles. An hours drive from the city center, the park is a wonderful spot for family outing.

  • The Bogor Botanical Garden is one of the largest reserves tropical plants in the world. Exhibiting some 20,000 distinct species of plants from Indonesia and abroad. Located in the garden, the Bogor Palace was residence of the Dutch Governor General during the colonial period.

  • Bandung - Lying in a high valley surrounded by mountains covered with tea plantation, the easy reach city of Bandung, Was known as the Paris of the East to the Dutch colonial administration. The city is the site of the world’s best collection of tropical art-deco architecture. Near Bandung is the Tangkuban Perahu, a dramatic volcano with many of active geothermal points.

  • Banten - The peaceful coastal town of Banten on the northwest roast of Java is still resplendent with ruin of the many powerful Moslems kingdom that once ruled the territory, as he islands of Java and sumatera well as Dutch fortresses and an impressive Chinese Temple Nearby, the Krakatau Volcano, could be seen rising from Sunda Straits that separate the islands of Java and sumatera

  • The Ujung Kulon peninsula located on southwestern tip of Java, about six hours from Jakarta, is a beautiful 300 square miles forested wildlife reserve. The Ujung Kulon National Park is a natural habitat for rhinoceros, wild ox, deer, wild boar, Crocodiles, snakes and rare birds.

  • The fascinating province of Lampung, located on southern most tip of Sumatera, is a 45 minutes flight from Jakarta. This Area abounds with national parklands, sandy coastlines and offshore islands.

  • Yogyakarta has a well-established reputation as the cultural center of Central Java. Visiting this quaint city, you may explore the Sultan’s Palace, visit Batik factories and become fully absorbed in the distinctive style of music and dance of Central Java. Nearby is the majestic Borobudur, an 8th century Buddhist temple hailed as the largest and the most complete ensemble of Buddhist relief in the world.