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1000 Islands Accommodation
by: Galuh Wulandarie
Here, you will not be able to find 5 star hotels and resorts like other islands but you are welcome to stay at the ‘Kepulauan Seribu Marine National Park Guest House’, about a ten minutes walk from the dock. This guest house is mostly full of students from Jakarta for study tour programs or college students for sea observation. This is where the island-rangers (that is how I call them) stay.

Consisting of six modest houses complete with air conditioner, TV and kitchenette facilities, they have sizes for 10 people up to more than thirty people per house (price ranging from Rp250,000 – Rp400,000). Personally, I am prepared for a place less comfortable than this, but it turned out way better than I expected. When I say modest, that means clean (both room and toilet) and decent. As for the electricity the guest house uses a generator, so usually during the day, they will turn it off to save energy.

If you are a solo traveler, you may try the ‘Lima Inn’ just 5 minutes away from the dock. The Inn is nice and clean, painted in crème and light orange colors with verandas viewing the ocean. Staying at this inn will cost you about Rp200.000 – Rp250.000 per night.

Hawksbill Turtle Conservation and Rehabilitation Area
Located on the right side of the guest house, this is the conservation area for Hawksbill turtles. Sadly over the years, many hunt this endangered species for its meat and preserve it for house decor. The female hawksbill turtle can be considered mature and able to nest the eggs after she reaches 10 years old. That’s why in 1999, the Indonesian Government stated that the Hawksbill turtle is protected by the government and considered one among many endangered species.

They divide the conservation into two areas; the smaller one consists of 2 ponds, and the larger one contains more than 10 ponds. You will find more than 20 baby hawksbill turtles, as big as your palm, swimming randomly. It is very cute. When you pick it up, it will shyly hide inside its big shell. I am guessing if you stretch them out, they might be more than 1 meter long. As for the adults, each typically has a pond by itself. You can ask the ranger and witness the releasing of hawksbill turtles to the sea. The hawksbill turtles can survive in the big ocean after 2 years old.

Meet the Rangers!
You can say that they know Thousand Islands from the top to the bottom (of the sea). There are more than 10 rangers in Thousand Islands, 4 of these guides helped us while we were there. These rangers work for the conservation matters in Thousand Islands. They have to monitor each corals spot, both the soft and hard corals, and count all the corals at Thousand Islands. They have to be very well-informed about all the things anyone would want to know about Thousand Islands. They also equipped by the government with weapons and may use them if they see illegal acts in Thousand Island's sea area. The illegal acts are mostly like coral stealing or bombing the ocean to get fishes. They can also guide you step-by-step on how to snorkel and dive. I talked to one of them, named Mr Joko. He's originally from Thousand Islands and has been working for the conservation for 10 years. He was the one who warned me about Stone Fish. Stone fish: Usually disguised on top of the coral, hardly detectable with the naked eye, is best known as one of the deadliest fish on earth. There are quite a few of them in Thousand Islands’ sea, so just be careful!

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