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Water In Jakarta
by: Editorial Team

Water & Food
While Jakarta maybe an interesting and exciting place to visit, please do not be too adventurous with your water and food. Simple things like exercising care in your food will help you avoid unpleasant experiences.

  • Mineral Water - When consuming water, please only drink from bottled mineral water. Buy the mineral water only from credible sources e,g supermarkets, large retailers. Do not purchase water from the street vendors (especially those that sell things at the traffic light which you will find many in Jakarta) as many of the mineral water supplied by these vendors are contaminated.
  • If you can avoid and if this is your first trip to Indonesia, avoid drinking milk even in hotels.
  • Tap Water is Indonesia is not fit for direct drinking. This includes hotels. Do not use the tap water for drinking purposes. Most hotels will provide you with mineral water.

With hot tropical temperatures, sufficient liquid intake is extremely important to maintain good body balance. Care should taken to avoid sunburn and exhaustion from too much exposure.

There are many street vendors in Jakarta but unless you are a “seasoned” traveler, it is best to eat at hotels or well-established restaurant. Traditional food stalls (warung) and street carts (kaki lima) maybe tempting to try, we strongly advise you to avoid them unless you have a stomach made of steel. Even the locals who are used to the street food, occasionally gets bad food poisoning from eating the street vendors.

International health certificates for smallpox, cholera and yellow fever are not required, except when arriving from infected areas.