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Puncak Travel Guide
Travel guide and reviews on Puncak Tourism and Travel Guide.

Know Puncak

To Puncak
How to Get There The major deterrent to a Puncak trip is traffic – it can take more than three hours if you leave at the wrong time. The best time to leave is late at night on Friday or super early on Saturday. On Saturday morning, the massive ou ...

Puncak Bogor
Puncak in a Nutshell The Presidents of Indonesia have frequented their palace in the area since the birth of the nation for good reasons. Located in a mountainous area in West Jakarta (two hours drive from central Jakarta ), it is not surprising to ...

Place of Interest

Wisata Di Puncak
Puncak Romantic Spots & Flower Gardens The common perception is that there’s really not much to do in Puncak. In a sense, that’s pretty true but with some searching and mingling with the people who have spent some time in the area, you migh ...

National Park Guide
Cibodas National Gardens & Gunung Gede National Park If you’re a naturalist, a hiker, a camper, a seeker of spiritual powers, or if you’d like to see a rich variety of animal and plant life, then this world-famous national park is one for y ...


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