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» West Java Indonesia
West Java Indonesia
by: Editorial Team

This fascinating province is the ideal starting point for your exploration of Indonesia. The capital of West Java is Bandung, which is easily reached from Jakarta by train, car or airplane. This lively university town features cool mountain scenes, hot springs and the best factory outlet shopping in the country.

Just seven kilometers from Bandung is the village of Padasuka, home to the famed Mang Udjo Angklung Workshop. The angklung is a traditional percussion instrument made from bamboo pipes, which are shaken to produce a tremolo. At the workshop guests can learn the art of making and playing this enchanting instrument, as well as enjoying art performances staged against the natural backdrop of mountains and rice fields. Visitors also are able to purchase their own angklung.

Located in the hills of West Java are the mysterious Badui people, who have maintained their traditions by isolating themselves from visitors and modernization. Tourists can arrange visits to the outer Badui villages, but the three inner villages of this fascinating people are strictly off-limits.

Banten is a another quiet coastal town in West Java that still bears the remnants of its past glory as the capital of an influential sultanate. Just off the coast of Banten is the Pulau Dua Bird Sanctury which has a large resident population of herons, storks and cormorants.

Further along the coast is Carita a popular resort area with nice sandy beaches. This is also the best place to charter a boat to the famous Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Straits. You also can arrange for a tour of Ujung Kulon National Park, an isolated area of primeval forest and untouched wilderness that is the last refuge of the Javan rhinoceros.

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