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Pre-School And Kindergarten Yasporbi
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Caterpillars at free time Circle Time at caterpillar class Pre-School And Kindergarten Yasporbi Pre-School And Kindergarten Yasporbi Pre-School And Kindergarten Yasporbi Little Egg (Preschool) Pre-School And Kindergarten Yasporbi Physical Education Religious Study Pre-School And Kindergarten Yasporbi
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The challenge on education in the future is to prepare high quality of human resources which capable to facing any changes in all field positively. YASPORBI reach the potential of each students along with the quality of education in its golden age, it afford the value of leadership, morality, tolerance and social awarness to become qualified leaders in the future.


Menjadi sekolah yang dibanggakan oleh stakeholder (siswa, orang tua, guru, masyarakat)


Membentuk siswa-siswi YASPORBI menjadi anak-anak yang memiliki kepribadian kuat (strong personality), bahagia (happy), mampu bersaing (competitive), kreatif dan inovatif (creative and innovative) dan berakhlak mulia (good character)

Produk & Servis

YASPORBI started with opening of Kindergarten and Elementary School at Bank Indonesia employee residential neighborhood in 1961. Currently, YASPORBI keep commited to support and develop national education program. YASPORBI show its existence with expand Junior and Senior High School to produce high quality of human resources to face the challenge in this era of globalism.


Classes open in 2013/2014

Pre School

( aged 3-4)

Little Egg A
(Monday - Wednesday - Friday)
Little Egg B
(Tuesday - Thursday - Friday)

Kindergarten A

(aged 4-5)

Caterpillar A
( Monday - Friday)
Caterpillar B
(Monday - Friday)

Kindergarten B

(aged 5 - 6)

Butterfly A
(Monday - Friday)
Butterfly B
(Monday - Friday)

1.Character Development & Religious Education
2.Language art
4.Creative Development
5.Health & Physical Education
6.Social studies
7.Science .

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