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About RimbunJob (Executive Search Indonesia)
RimbunJOB is a leading provider of executive search ("headhunter") and recruitment services in Jakarta, Indonesia. Commencing operation in 2007, we are equipped with and integrated IT system, experienced recruitment consultants, and proven searching method.

With a good track record of manager to upper executive level placements throughout Indonesia, we pride ourselves as the only Headhunter in Indonesia that is supported with an Integrated advanced IT system.
Our Integrated IT system support the efficient interchange between Jobseekers, Employers and Consultants and we pride ourselves as the only Headhunter or executive search in Indonesia that is supported with advanced IT system.
Our Recruitment Consultants are pro-active and hands-on to our clients’ needs and strive for effective deliverance of fitted qualified candidates within the minimal time range required.
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Executive Search Recruitment Service

An Executive Search service is a type of services that specializes in recruiting executive personnel for companies in various industries. It is usually represented by Recruitment consultants ("recruiters") that serve as direct contacts between client companies and the job candidates they recruit.
Nowadays, with the demand to stay competitive and cost effective, more companies has switched from the traditional recruitment system such as advertisement in the media to partnership with executive search company like RimbunJOB.

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