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Sejarah Kota Blitar
by: Editorial Team

Blitar is the very place the founder of Indonesia, President Sukarno was born and eventually laid to rest. The specific spot here where he was birthed and raised is the Istana Gebang. This presidential palace to this day powerfully represents Sukarno from the preservation of all the furniture he was using in his time in the same arrangement, same condition (even his very bed!), to the exact paintings and pictures hanging on the wall. There is also a huge memorial library specially attributed to Sukarno in Blitar, with a large display of his photographs during his reign as president. This town is thus best known for its affiliation to the great president of yesteryear, Sukarno.

    • History – This laidback, tiny town is where modern Indonesia began. But before its civilization, Blitar was part of the Majapahit Kingdom which ruled eastern Java from 1293 to the 1500s. The Indonesian nationalists that first strived to organize the archipelago used the aged-old story of how the Majapahit Empire made the country an undivided one, to form their own government structure.
    • Today – Blitar is the spot where beaches, untainted by the doings of men and enhanced by the beautiful view of the surrounding nature, are aplenty. It is around 80km away from Malang and in between the two is the small town of Batu which is well worth a stop since its artwork is widely known, especially its handmade textiles.
    • Highlights – The Makam Bung Karno (Sukarno’s grave) is a plain rectangular tomb only slightly raised. This is in contrast to his parents’ graves, next to Sukarno’s, which are carved in marble and overall have got a rather decorative effect. However, the Makam Bung Karno is always adorned with fresh flowers and filled with white pebbles. At the back is a large stone with an inscription of the ‘Proclaimer of Independence’ and Sukarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia.

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