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Indonesia Volcanoes

Lake Toba Volcano
The innocent-looking Lake Toba with its friendly and hospitable surroundings, despite the recent issues of industrial pollution, is actually remnants of a life-threatening volcano thousands of years ago. So life-threatening, in fact, that not only groups of people were threatened by it, but the h...

Merapi Mountain
The Merapi volcano (2,912 m) is one of the most dangerously active volcanoes in the world. This particular volcano also holds an important part in the Java history and also in the area’s ecosystem and economy. First of all, the top of the mountain may be plain without any vegetation ...

Sumatra Volcanoes
Sumatra is the second largest Island in Indonesia and the fifth largest on earth. The beautiful Island was named ‘swarna dipa’ or the ‘isle of gold’ in the past, due to its abundance of gold mines. The prosperity of this island is mostly inseparable from the fact that it has numerous volcanoes. S...

Krakatau Volcano
The eruption of Krakatau were recorded effectively in 1882 due to the emerging telegraphic system at that time and the fact that it is located in the Sunda strait, the frequently-used shipping lane. The Krakatau Volcano has a long and seemingly never ending history. It was gathered from ...

Galunggung Volcano
West Java may be comparably cooler and greener than the other provinces in Java, but it’s also home to several well-known volcanoes. The Legend of Krakatau           One cannot forget about Krakatau. This ...

Volcanoes In Java
The province is rich in its culture and history. Thus, its high volcanoes are often accompanied by legends about their origins. The soaring volcanoes of Central JavaA string of high volcanoes decorates central Java, the eye-capturing The Merbabu (3,144 m); The...

Mount Bromo Volcano
East Java’s temperature is relatively higher than other parts of Java and the rain season is shorter. Volcanoes provide cool slopes on which various smallholding fields are located. Two famed volcanoes reside in East Java, the Bromo Volcano and the Semeru Volcano, located very near to each ot...

Java Volcanoes
Volcanoes in Java The Java Island has most impressive list of Volcanoes in Indonesia. Legends concerning the volcanoes and surrounding landscapes enrich the island’s history and culture, and also its soil. The fact that the Java island has an incredibly fertile nature, ev...

Mount Batur Volcano
The Batur volcano is another active volcano which is also a tourist attraction. The volcano is located inside a 12 km wide and 450 m deep prehistoric caldera, beside a crescent-shaped lake. Altogether, the volcano, caldera and lake add up to an impressive sight. Legends say that the Batur volcano...

Mount Tambora Eruption
The Tambora volcano, located in the Sumbawa Island , erupted nearly two hundred years ago with stupefying effects on mankind, yet, due to the many events occupying the world's attention at that time, not many records or observations were dedicated to the particular incident. It is actually quite ...

Rinjani Mountain
The huge Rinjani volcano (3,726 m) dominates Lombok island, one of the most beautiful and Isolated island in the Indonesian archipelago. The Rinjani is the second highest peak in Indonesia , the first being the Kerinci volcano. On the western side of the volcano is a 2,4 km by 4,8 km caldera whic...

Bali Volcanoes
Bali, often referred to as the ‘paradise island' or ‘island of the gods' is probably the most well known of all the Islands in Indonesia . Most of the people are aware of the charming island with its colorful traditions and friendly people. Two volcanoes dominate the island of Bali , the Agung vo...

Mount Rinjani Lombok
The island of Lombok is located very close to Bali and is usually favored by those searching for a more isolated and natural ambience. It is a fairly untouched island with breathtaking views. The Lombok island is home to the second highest and one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia , th...

Indonesia Volcanoes
The largest of the outer Islands is the Island of Sulawesi . Sulawesi contains around 20 active volcanoes, Sumbawa and Flores boasts around 30 and the South Moluccas around 15 volcanoes. Here are two of the famous volcanoes in this area Tambora Volcano...

Tambora Volcano
The Tambora volcano, located in the Sumbawa Island, erupted nearly two hundred years ago with stupefying effects on mankind, yet, due to the many events occupying the world’s attention at that time, not many records or observations were dedicated to the particular incident. It is actually quite r...



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