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Indonesia » Indonesian Volcanoes » Sumatra Volcanoes
Sumatra Volcanoes
by: Editorial Team

Sumatra is the second largest Island in Indonesia and the fifth largest on earth. The beautiful Island was named ‘swarna dipa’ or the ‘isle of gold’ in the past, due to its abundance of gold mines. The prosperity of this island is mostly inseparable from the fact that it has numerous volcanoes. Sumatra Island has a trail of mountains and hills appropriately called ‘Bukit Barisan’ (the mountain trail’), in which around 30 volcanoes are still active.

  • Volcanoes in the Weh Island and Aceh Province
    The Weh Island in the North West of Sumatra begins the volcanic journey of Indonesia. This Island contains a small volcano, several solfatara fields and boiling mud. The Aceh province and its surroundings has several active volcanoes such as Bur Ni Telong and Peuet Sague.

  • Famous Volcanoes of Sumatra
    Several famous volcanoes in Sumatra are Marapi volcano which is presently the most active in the island and Kerinci volcano which is the tallest.

  • Toba The Ancient Supervolcano
    The most eminent of all is the Toba volcano in Northern Sumatra, though most people now are more familiar with ‘Lake Toba’, which is the caldera left from the giant volcano. The eruption of the Toba volcano around 74,000 years ago was reported to have been the largest in the last few million years and the event is rightly dubbed a ‘supereruption’. Click here to get a more detailed account of the Toba Volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia

  • Other volcanoes of Sumatra
    Other notable volcanoes in Sumatra are the Kaba volcano with its seven craters, Sorik Marapi volcano in North Sumatera, Dempo Volcano and Sekincau Belirang volcano in Southwest Sumatra.

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