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Indonesia » Indonesian Volcanoes » Galunggung Volcano
Galunggung Volcano
by: Editorial Team

West Java may be comparably cooler and greener than the other provinces in Java, but it’s also home to several well-known volcanoes.

  • The Legend of Krakatau           
    One cannot forget about Krakatau. This legendary volcano, sometimes also known as ‘Krakatoa’, struck terror more than a hundred years ago with its blast of fury. For a more detailed account of Krakatau, click here

  • The Galunggung Volcano             
    Another volcano famous for its explosion is the Galunggung volcano which is still active today, its explosion in 1982 caused notable effect. Galunggung is located about 100 km southeast of Bandung, the capital of the province.  

  • Tourist Attraction Volcanoes       
    The most visited volcano in West Java is the Tangkuban Parahu. This particular volcano is famous due to the folklore about its supposed nature, saying that it is actually an upside-down boat, made by a young prince who fell in love with his own mother. The beautiful volcano and its surroundings had been a popular tourist spot for a long time. the Papandayan volcano is another popular tourist attraction due to its dangerous beauty.

  • Other Noteworthy Volcanoes
    The volcanoes often become objects of observation and tourist attractions since the West Java province is relatively easier to probe than Sumatra. Several small volcanoes and some 3000 meter- high volcanoes like The Pangrango (3,019 m) near to the Gede Volcano, the Ciremai volcano (3,078 m) near Cirebon, the Cikurai volcano (2,823 m) are popular hiking sites

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