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Volcanoes In Java
by: Editorial Team

The province is rich in its culture and history. Thus, its high volcanoes are often accompanied by legends about their origins.

  • The soaring volcanoes of Central Java
    A string of high volcanoes decorates central Java, the eye-capturing The Merbabu (3,144 m); The Sumbing volcano (3,373 m) and The Sundoro volcano (3,138 m), the two volcanoes often addressed as the ‘husband and wife’ and Slamet (3,422 m) volcano, being the highest. Dieng volcano (2,565 M) is famous for its Telaga Warna, a ‘colorful’ lake in the volcano’s complex which colors are said to be from the necklace of a selfish princess.

  • Central Java volcanoes with rich cultural sites
    Many temples decorate the Central Java area, being the products of a Hindu-Buddhist culture which was highly prominent between the 8th and 15th centuries. The most famous of these are: Gedong Songo on the slopes of Ungaran volcano (2,050 m), the temples high up on the Dieng Plateau (2,000 m). The oldest of all is The Sukuh Temple of The Lawu Volcano, built in 1437

  • Merapi, the most prominent & active volcano
    So prevalent are the legends and traditions in central Javanese that the local villagers believed that the eruption of the Merapi volcano in 1994 was because the sacred keris, or dagger, of the Sultan of Yogyakarta failed to penetrate the side of the mountain and the dragon dwelling inside. Click here to know more about the Merapi Volcano

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