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Indonesia Volcanoes
by: Dina Indrasafitri

The largest of the outer Islands is the Island of Sulawesi . Sulawesi contains around 20 active volcanoes, Sumbawa and Flores boasts around 30 and the South Moluccas around 15 volcanoes.

Here are two of the famous volcanoes in this area

  • Tambora Volcano
    The most notable in this area is the Tambora volcano in the Banda Sea, on the island of Sumbawa . Its eruption is the only one in Indonesia that could be compared to the Toba volcano eruption. More about the Tambora Volcano and its eruption could be seen here.

  • Kelimutu Volcano
    Another famous volcano is the Kelimutu volcano in the Flores Island with its three-coloured, constantly color-changing lakes, the lake ‘for old people', the lake ‘of young men and maidens' and the ‘bewitched lake'.

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