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Bandung Food Advisor

Bandung Restaurants
When you hungry, Bandung offers some places serving various food and drink. Many offer some comfortable places for lunch and dinner complete with live music and local singers. Some cafes are joined together with galleries. While you are eating the dinner, you can enjoy the performances held at th...

Amanda Brownies Kukus
It is a fact that Indonesians adore all things sweet in life. Often the sugar content of drinks and snacks is high enough to make your teeth crumble, with even the toothpaste not spared of this rush. The city of Bandung is no exception but more an extreme example of the nation's obsession with sw...

Aroma Coffee Bar
All you coffee-lovers put on your mocha loafers, for it's time for a trip down memory lane. Don't spill your beans, but let them drain. Aroma's Coffee Factory has been in the business of making good earnest coffee since the 1930's. That's right, the times when booted, mustached cursing Dutchmen w...

Dakken Cafe
Shopping makes hungry and strolling around in and out of the many factory outlets that line up the central area of Bandung might require something substantial to keep you going. A steak at Dakken provides the well-needed carbohydrates for a Bandung bargain hunt. Dakken, situated in a colonial bui...

Small Mexican Restaurant
The small Mexican cafe that goes by the name of Erla's is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in Bandung . It is a quaint cozy joint in one of the side streets of the main road that leads up to Dago, and its clientele consists of expats who go to the nearby Bahasa Indonesia school, ...

Kopi Selasar
Kopi Selasar is a cafe situated in the cool mountainous hills of Dago in the North of Bandung. The cafe is part of the Selasar Sunaryo art space, created by the artist of the same name in 1998. After sniffing the inspirational art that is displayed in the gallery, soon our noses lead us to the de...

Dago Tea House
The widely known Dago Tea House located in the cool upper north part of Bandung is a must when you are in the neighbourhood. Situated in the hills of what used to be an area of tea plantations, it offers splendid views of the city, in an authentic Sundanese atmosphere. Already in existence as a r...

The Stone Cafe
The Stone CafĂ©,opened in December 2005 might be one of the newest additions to the Dago restaurant agglomeration, as the clichĂ© goes it proves that ‘last' is not always ‘least'. On the contrary, The Stone CafĂ© made quite an impression, The Vibe Thi...

Warung Lela
Warung Lela is one of those places that gained its reputation purely through mouth to mouth advertisement. Started out by Ibu Lela as a simple noodle joint catering to the neigbourhood, it soon stirred some tongues for its authentic family recipes such as Mie and Sop buntut (oxt...

Batagor Riri
Batagor is a true Bandung invention and one of the most popular ones as well. The basis for the recipe is a ‘golden oldie' called baso tahu and siomay fish/tahu meatballs in a tasty broth. The innovation of Indonesians spurred them to modify this dish by boiling th...

Es Cendol Elizabeth
While in Bandung...

Roemah Kopi
In the Dago hills where restaurants and cafes are sprouting up like mushrooms, ...

Amsterdam Cafe
Amsterdam cafĂ© can be found towards the Western end of Jalan Braga, a street known for its somewhat faded colonial glory. Amsterdam cafĂ© proved no exception to this trend. It has the interior and atmosphere of a cafĂ© in Amsterdam , albeit one located in the Red Light district. ...

Es Campur Bandung
Es campur literally means ‘mixed ice' and although you may expect an ice cream cone or a sorbet, the ice in this sweet little dish stands for ice cubes. The ice cubes float in a mangkok (bowl) filled with milk, coconut shavings, av...

Student Canteen
One advantage of having a large number of students in ...


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