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» List Of Hotels In Bandung
List Of Hotels In Bandung
by: Emma Kwee

The list of Hotels in Bandung is endless. There's plenty of choice, but picking the right one for your stay is not an easy task. Business or pleasure, whatever brings you to Bandung , there is bound to be a fitting place for you to call home during your stay. It all depends on your needs and wants, so here is a comprehensive list of accommodations for every occasion.

Basic budget: The hotel Bukit Dago has crisp clean and freshly painted rooms with private bathroom for the price of almost nothing. The rooms on the top floors are the cheapest and have nice views of the mountains. A little bit less budget but still a very good deal is the Kedaton Hotel in the centre of town. It has the facilities of a top hotel such as swimming pool, sauna and fitness centre, while the prices are very modest.

Business as usual: Most of hotel guests in Bandung are here on business trips. There's an unbelievable array of business hotels ranging form the sleazy to the slick. Good options are: Hotel Royal Merdeka which is simple, yet clean, and the more up-market newly built 4 star Novotel. Both these hotels are business traveler oriented and have meeting rooms, business centers, internet access and the likes.

Sheer luxury: For those wishing nothing but the best, Bandung has some fine options that will blanket you in comfort. The 5 star Sheraton in Dago spurs a classic and elegant décor, a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and two restaurants to keep guests satisfied. The Holiday Inn is another establishment that can fulfill the needs and wants of even the most spoiled travelers. Its four stars shine brighter than many 5 star establishments can say.

A touch of the old: For a taste of the old and bygone, head to one of the Art Deco temples that stem from the colonial age. The 5 star Grand Preanger and the 4 star Savoy Homan are amongst the most well known hotels in the city and it is unique for its art deco architecture. The historical aura that these hotels breathe makes you feel as if you are wandering around in a museum.

Modern minimalism: If you consider style an extension of your personality, the Malya hotel in Ciumbuleuit and the Ardjuna hotel in the same area, is the place to be. The perfect combination of modern luxury and ‘back to nature' creates a ho mel y and comfortable feel. The Malya features a stunning unhampered view of the green hills directly out of the restaurant while the Ardjuna has its own wine cellar and one of the best spas in town.

Revive the romance: Hotel Geulis in the cool Dago area is a mini Versailles with a décor of homely chic, copper and brass and textured wallpaper. The plush suites are to die for and a more homely, warm and romantic place is hard to find.

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About The Author

Emma Kwee

Emma is a Dutch born and bred Indonesia lover who after years of traveling stranded and lost her heart to the same country her father was born in.

Emma writes for Streetdirectory Indonesia. Robert J Steiner manages Streetdirectory.co.id & FlowerAdvisor.co.id, well known for for online Flowers & Gifts in Indonesia.

She is currently living the good life in Bandung, writing for streetdirectory.com while sipping fresh coconut juice under a palmtree, she's planning on staying put for a while.

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