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Expat Experience
Expat Experience in Singapore - Check out tips from our Local Expat

Keeping in Shape: Fitness Centers In Jakarta
Amidst the working hours, you feel that you need better ways to exercise than wearing out your fingers by typing pages of nonsense in your computer and getting an adrenaline rush, or probably a minorheart attack, each time there’s a haggle in the office meeting. Besides, those munchies you co...

Jakarta Animal Hospital
If you are a pet owner, you probably hold a special place in your heart for your canine, feline or any creature dear to you. If anything should happen to them, God forbids, you would want them to have the best treatment available  In Jakarta, you are most likely to find that at the...

Fun things to do in Jakarta
Been there, done that and not that again. Hands up those who have used these rhetorics more often than they've had a fun day out on a weekend. While we admit that Jakarta has a thriving nightlife industry, and that consumer spending is a booming industry due to its great distracting powers, somet...

Haircuts in Jakarta: choose your cutting edge
Why does it take so much to find the perfect hairdresser for some people? Maybe it's because we are trusting someone to take care of our most basic asset: our looks. Money comes and goes, clothes can be sold at a second hand shop in order to buy new ones, but looks? One fatal haircut could take w...

Dim Sum Festival
Feeling a little peckish after a wild night of grooving in a local club? That is quite a common phenomenon for the party people and “night birds”. However, finding the right place to satisfy your late-night hunger pangs might be a little tricky. Some roadside stalls are indeed open to serve local...

Dim Sum 24
It had been a fun night out indeed, you've been up and about the town's hippest bars and clubs with some friends and had managed to strike a few charming poses with the other socialites. Then, out of the blue, reality comes slapping you in the face. You're hungry, you need a place to chill out, a...

Home Furnishing in Jakarta
Often, it is part of human nature to make our home feel cosy and comfortable to live in, be it an apartment or a house you have to contend with. In Jakarta , furnishing your home is no easy task as there are a number of shopping malls and specialty shops vying for your attention. For tho...

Knowledge Palaces – International Bookstores in Jakarta
In this internet-survy generation we live in, books are still being held as the traditional source of knowledge. With knowledge comes power and hence, it is not surprising to find bookstores packed with people over the weekend. In Jakarta , there are a couple of bookstores you can pop by...


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