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Spa & Massage
Jakarta Expat Guide - Spa & Massage

How to find a Good Massage Therapist in Jakarta
We have tried over 40 establishments over the last 3 years and more than 30 different masseuses. Don’t be disillusioned by massages in Jakarta. Firstly, if you are a novice to this and have no specific preferences, then you will do fine. For me and the people that I know, we look for good massage...

The Stylish Gaya Spa
Gaya Spa certainly doesn't take its name for granted. ‘Gaya' means ‘stylish' or ‘trendy', and this pampering center is devoted to following the latest spa trends, without being a victim of passing fads, though. Through fifteen years of its existence in Indonesia , the spa has its own ways to en...

Spa Ayurveda
Too much of anything never does anyone good. That's why in the midst of all your calculations and negotiations, you need to find relaxing moments to rejuvenate your soul and senses. And what can help bring you closer to a balanced state than the practice of Ayurveda, the essence of whose philosop...

Jamu Spa
Spa nowadays, marries modern technology with traditional massages for pampering of the senses. Steamers and Jacuzzis replace wooden bath tubs whilst treatments use natural oils and herbs – remaining true to nature. At Jamu Spa, one is assured of pampering treats available only in the most tra...

Bliss at Air Cantee Spa.
Life can wear you out. Of course, life is worth loving but sometimes the daily pressures can do anything but grind your bones and feed it to the sharks. Thank heavens there are people like the ancient royalties of Babylon and Rome who discovered the relaxation effects of water, thus contributing ...

Fitness Lifespa – One-stop health centre with modern technological equipments
Fitness Lifespa, for the past couple of years, has managed to attract a loyal pool of followers. Indeed one could say it is one of the budding spas expanding at a rapid pace. Worthy of mention will be the most comprehensive Fitness Lifespa at Saberro House in Kemang, designed and fitted with th...

Traditional Indonesian Spa Treatments
Walking into a spa in Indonesia is tricky business. Terms such as ‘Balinese Spa’ or ‘mandi lulur’ are not exactly buzzing within the Oxford dictionary. So before you find yourself trapped in a situation more foreign than your non-daily German flick, here are some terms to get familiar with. Get k...

The Spa at Four Seasons: Ultimate indulgence of the senses
The quest of finding the perfect spa in Jakarta would probably land one in frustration. Some experiences leave us with undesirable results while some others feature special treatments for male customers contrary to what they are looking for. It may appear to spa lovers that the spa centers in Jak...


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