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Java Travel Guide
A guide about Java and the main cities in Java Island, Indonesia
West Java
About West Java
This fascinating province is the ideal starting point for your exploration of Indonesia. The capital of West Java is Bandung, which is easily reached from Jakarta by train, car or .. More
» Where to Stay in Bandung
» Enjoying the city, diggin ...
More : Bandung
» Wisata Kuliner Di Bogor
» Bogor History
More : Bogor
» Know Puncak
» Places of Interest
More : Puncak

Intro to Jakarta Guide
Our local editorial team has taken great pains to introduce three guides (Expat Guide, Tourist Guide & Local Guide) for travelers visiting or are already in Jakarta.
Jakarta Expat Guide
» Shopping, Spa, Marriages, Golf ..
Jakarta Tourist Guide
» Tourist Attractions, Tips, ...
Jakarta Nightlife
» Reviews on the hottest spots in...

East Java
About East Java
East Java , the easternmost province of Indonesia Java Island, occupies an area of 48,000 km2. Including Madura Island across the straits, the area supports a population of around 35 million people. More
» Sejarah Kota Blitar
» Istana Gebang
More : Blitar
» Malang Restaurant
» Malang City
More : Malang
» Surabaya Hotels
» Shop In Surabaya
More : Surabaya

Central Java
About Central Java
Central Java is towards the north coast of Java. Here sits Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province and a thriving port city. Semarang boasts an interesting Chinatown of narrow streets and... More
» Yogyakarta Shopping
» Yogyakarta Tourism
More : Yogyakarta
» O Solo Mio Restaurant
» Surakarta Hotels
More : Surakata
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