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Central Java

Yogyakarta Travel guide

Yogyakarta History
Welcome to Yogyakarta, the city with progressive movement of industry, culture, arts and traditional rituals, located in the south of the Javanese Island. Headed by a Sultan, the governor and inherited by the Yogyakarta Hadiningrat highborn. Yogja is also known as a student city. So man ...

Surakarta Travel Guide

Sejarah Surakarta
Surakarta is more commonly known as Solo with around 500,000 inhabitants situated in Central Java. This city so centrally located, was the seat of power in the time of the Mataram Kingdom. History – There are two royal cities in the area of Central Ja ...

Central Java Introduction

Central Java Indonesia
Central Java is towards the north coast of Java. Here sits Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province and a thriving port city. Semarang boasts an interesting Chinatown of narrow streets and small alleys, and the Pasar Cina morning market bustles with activity each day. About two hour ...


  About Indonesia   Java Guide     Yogyakarta Guide   Surakarta Guide