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East Java

Blitar Travel Guide

Sejarah Kota Blitar
Blitar is the very place the founder of Indonesia, President Sukarno was born and eventually laid to rest. The specific spot here where he was birthed and raised is the Istana Gebang. This presidential palace to this day powerfully represents Sukarno from the preservation of all the furniture he ...

Malang Travel Guide

Malang City
This small wonderful town, located between mount Arjuno and mount Semeru on the eastern part of Java is famed for its tasteful ‘Manalagi’ apple. With its cool climate, fresh clean air and serene atmosphere, Malang offers a pleasant retreat to the hurly-burly of a big city. To get there, you can a ...

Surabaya Travel Guide

About Surabaya
Surabaya derived its name from the sura and buaya. The former and latter are shark and crocodile in bahasa respectively. It is a local myth that these two animals had a showdown to claim the throne of “the strongest and most powerful animal in the area”. Now the Surabay ...

East Java Introduction

East Java
East Java , An OverviewEast Java , the easternmost province of Indonesia Java Island , occupies an area of 48,000 km2. Including Madura Island across the straits, the area supports a population of around 35 million people. Bordering on the province on the east is the straits ...


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